How fast is the Cessna TTx?

435 km/h
Cessna 400/Top speed
The Cessna® TTx™ high performance aircraft delivers 235 knots – the fastest in its class – with the confident feel of sidestick control that hands-on pilots love. With a cockpit designed around the pilot, the Cessna TTx integrates technology and ergonomics to create a powerful yet comfortable flight experience.

How many Cessna TTx built?

The system will provide up to 2.5 hours icing protection. The design’s production came to an end in February 2018. Sales of the model had been poor, with only 23 examples sold in 2017, compared to its main competitor, the Cirrus SR22, which sold 309 units that same year.

Is the Cessna TTx pressurized?

Single lever and no leaning required – all automatic. Build a 6-place turbine powered, pressurized version of the TTx and make it look as cool as Epic aircraft.

How much does a Cessna TTX cost?

The Cessna TTX is a single-engine, fixed-gear, low-wing aircraft built to go fast. The Cessna TTX or Cessna 400 can cruise at 270 mph and has an average selling price of $715,000. The TTX was built from 2004-2018 and made from composite materials.

What’s the fastest single-engine airplane?

Ovation Ultra
The Ovation Ultra is the fastest normally aspirated single-engine piston plane on the market right now. Mooney’s Ovation lineup has been around for more than 20 years, and the Ultra, or M20U, is the most recent evolution, released in 2016.

How tall is a Cessna Corvalis 400 TTX?

The aircraft has a maximum operating altitude of 25,000′, a normal cruise speed of 220 KTS/253 MPH, and a 489 NM/563 SM seats-full range. The CESSNA Corvalis 400 TTx has a 1,852′ balanced field length and 3,309′ landing distance. The cabin measures 04’01” high, 04’01” wide, and 11’08” long.

Are there any changes to the Cessna Corvalis?

Since Cessna acquired the model line, its first low-wing, piston single ever, the company has made few substantive changes to the basic design, but a few modifications have improved the breed. Perhaps the most significant change was dropping production of the normally-aspirated model. Cessna also addressed the airplane’s weight problem head-on.

Who is the manufacturer of the Cessna TTx T240?

NASA used a Lancair ES for AGATE research. A new Lancair company, Pacific Aviation Composites USA, was established in Redmond, Oregon in April of 1995 and subsequently renamed Lancair Certified (LC). In 2005, LC became the Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation, which was bought by the Cessna Aircraft Company in November 2007.

What kind of avionics does a Cessna TTx have?

2014 Cessna TTX with Garmin G2000 Intrinzic Avionics Suite. Equipped with Synthetic Vision, Active Traffic, Xm Weather & Radio, Stormscope, ADS-B out, Air Conditioning and more! 2014 Cessna TTX with Garmin G2000 Intrinzic Avionics Suite.