How do you use lots in a sentence?

Lots sentence example

  1. I’ve had lots of experience.
  2. Lots of people forget them.
  3. There were lots of pretty flowers down below but he kept driving.
  4. He must have lots of connections.
  5. There’s lots to do.
  6. There’s probably lots of handles of ‘metalman.
  7. You’ll be wanting to spend lots of time at the library and museum.

Which is the example of Lot?

The definition of a lot is a large number or greater extent. An example of lot is someone with sixty pairs of socks, lots of socks. An example of lot is finishing a marathon one mile ahead of the other runners, to finish a lot ahead.

What is the make sentence of huge crowd?

A large crowd had gathered in anticipation of hearing them. Torrential rain helped to disperse the large crowd, estimated at 150,000. Harris immediately accused the soldier of theft and called upon the assistance of the large crowd that soon gathered outside. For good large crowd that is there.

Is it a lot or alot?

Alot is a common misspelling of a lot. A lot should always be spelled as two words. The meaning of a lot depends on the context. Usually, it means “many” or “to a great extent.” Let’s look at some examples.

Which is correct lot or lots?

A lot of, lots of with a noun We use a lot of and lots of in informal styles. Lots of is more informal than a lot of. A lot of and lots of can both be used with plural countable nouns and with singular uncountable nouns for affirmatives, negatives, and questions: We’ve got lots of things to do.

How do you call lots?

oodles, legion, wad, scads, plenty, slew, slathers, acres, tons, gobs, realty, reams, loads, galore, many.

What is a big crowd?

n. 1 a large number of things or people gathered or considered together. 2 a particular group of people, esp. considered as a social or business set.

What means huge crowd?

: to cause a lot of people to come His speeches always draw a big/large crowd.

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