How do you get looted mystical staff?

Looted Mystical Staff is located inside the Stygana Cavern in Zorammarsh, east from the giant tree in the center of the zone. Enter the cave, you’ll see two paths – straight and up. Go up, following the road while looking left, you’ll see the vine path, skip the first and go along the second one.

How do you unlock dailies in Tanaan Jungle?

Unlocking Tanaan Assault Dailies First, you will need to unlock your shipyard. Then, you will be sent to Tanaan Jungle for a few more quests: Obstacle Course/Obstacle Course sends you to to get Letter from Kilrogg at 68.9, 64.9, and Magril’s Journal at 74.0, 56.2.

Where is Tanaan Jungle?

eastern Draenor
Tanaan Jungle is a region located in eastern Draenor. Home to the Bleeding Hollow clan, Tanaan Jungle serves as the seat of the Iron Horde’s dominion over Draenor. Tanaan Jungle also houses the recently constructed Dark Portal that serves as a time-space gateway between Draenor and Azeroth.

How do I get the forgotten shard of the cipher?

To get Forgotten Shard of the Cipher you have to complete The Cipher of Damnation / The Cipher of Damnation questlines. The treasure is under the stone pillar in the last quest area. Loot is Shard of Cyrukh.

Where is the cave of betrayal?

Desolate Sands
Cave of the Betrayer is a two-level dungeon found in Desolate Sands in Act II of Diablo III.

How do you get the mysterious corrupted obelisk?

Mysterious Corrupted Obelisk is located in the Vault of the Elements cave. The Cipher of Damnation garrison campaign is required to unlock the cave.

Can you get to Tanaan Jungle without shipyard?

Before you explore Tanaan Jungle, you first have to unlock it. You will need to build a Level 1 Shipyard. This requires you to be level 100 and have a Stage 3 Garrison. Once in Tanaan, Obstacle Course/ Obstacle Course sends you to to get Letter from Kilrogg at 68.9, 64.9, and Magril’s Journal at 74.0, 56.2.

How do I unlock lion’s watch?

You need a level 3 garrison first and a shipyard. A quest should pop up in your garrison sending you to Gorgrond, it’s a short chain to unlock the shipyard. After you finish that then the follow up quest sending you to Tanaan to unlock Lion’s Watch will be available.

How do I get the forgotten shard of the Cipher?

Where do you find the daily quests In Tanaan?

When you come back to turn in the daily quest from the Tanaan Planning Map, 2 more quests are offered to you by Vindicator Krethos or Shadow Hunter Denjai. 2. The Tanaan Planning Map daily quest always rewards Apexis Crystals and Oil and is reminiscent of the Apexis Crystal daily quest at your Garrison, just that it takes place in Tanaan.

Where can I find Tanaan Jungle in Apexis?

On the PTR, players can access Tanaan Jungle via northeastern Talador. We are unsure if this is intended, but even if it is, you are missing your main faction hub, mailbox, reputation vendors, reliable source of Oil, daily quests, and Apexis vendors.

Where to find Demonslayer of Tanaan in WoD 6?

To easily do Demonslayer of Tanaan, we advise you to look just northwest of Vol’mar, where you can find 6 packs of 3 imps that have low health. On your way up to the Throne of Kil’jaeden, you can find another 2 packs of 5 similar mobs, which are very easy to clear.