How do you get dragon track?

To build the Dragon Track, you need to be level 15. Level 15. I just got to level 16 and I got the dragon races at 15; you must have been at a lower level. Highly active question.

What are Epic Dragons in DragonVale?

In DragonVale, Epic Dragons are rare hybrid dragons with very low chances of success. Some Epic Dragons can be both Limited and Epic, making them even more rare than the rest, like the Leap Year Dragon, one of the rarest dragons in the game.

What level do you get Kairos in Dragonvale?

level 40
After reaching level 40, players can acquire Eternal Essence in order to level up Kairos.

What is the rarest dragon in Dragonvale?

Rainbow Dragons are one of the rarest kinds of dragons in Dragonvale. The chance of breeding one is very low, but there are tons of possible combinations. If you’re extra lucky, you may get a Double Rainbow Dragon , easily the rarest Dragon in the game.

How do you get a dragon in Dragonvale?

You can obtain an Air Dragon by either breeding the Water Dragon with the Fire Dragon, or by purchasing the dragon from the Market in exchange for 750,000 gold coins.

How do you get Ash Dragon in Dragonvale?

Steps Have a park level of at least 10. Go to your breeding island or breeding cave. Pair two basic dragons. Wait for six hours. If you have managed to breed an ash dragon, the egg that hatches will have swirls of yellow and green on it. Place the ash dragon in either a plant or lightning habitat.

How do you breed Dragons in Dragonvale?

How to Breed. To breed, tap on the Breeding Cave, which will glow. Then, tap on the “Breed” button, and a menu with two sides, “Dragon one”, and “Dragon two”, will open. Dragons will be available for breeding once they are at level four or higher, and incompatible or unbreedable dragons will be “greyed out”.