How do I get a Garda clearance in Ireland?

If you are applying for a position that requires you to have Garda vetting, you will be sent a Garda vetting application form. You can apply online using e-Vetting, or you can apply using a paper form. If you are under 18, you must submit a consent form signed by a parent or guardian.

What is a Garda clearance cert?

A Police Certificate is an official statement about you issued by An Garda Síochána (the Irish police force). It is generally used by those who reside in Ireland and who wish to partake in professional or educational activities abroad.

How long does Garda clearance take?

In 2021, the current turnaround time for vetting applications submitted by organisations utilising the e-Vetting system is 3 to 5 working days for over 85% of vetting applications received.

What comes up on Garda Vetting?

A vetting disclosure shall include particulars of the criminal record (if any) relating to the person, and a statement of the specified information (if any) relating to the person or a statement that there is no criminal record or specified information, in relation to the person.

How far does Garda vetting go back?

7 YEARS SINCE DATE OF CONVICTION 7. It’s the number of years, looking backwards, from the date of a person’s application for a vetting disclosure (let’s call that today’s date), to the ‘effective date of conviction’.

Does a police clearance expire?

How long is a police clearance valid for? A police clearance is only valid for a period of six months from the date it is issued – unless stipulated otherwise. Therefore, it is extremely important to time when you obtain police clearances so that you do not have out of date documentation.

How do I get a Garda clearance visa?

You should apply in writing and submit the application at the local Garda Sochna Station (police) and must present:

  1. your full name;
  2. your date and place of birth;
  3. your current and all previous addresses in Ireland;
  4. the purpose of the request (e.g. for a visa application); and.
  5. a self-addressed stamped envelope.

How do you know if your Garda vetted?

Checking Vetting Status

  1. Phone: +353 (1) 651 7900.
  2. LoCall: 1890 224 224.
  3. Fax: +353 (1) 651 7901.

How much does it cost to get Garda vetted?

Garda Vetting will cost €30. The €30 charge is in place to process the application. The IACP will incur extra IT, staffing, administration and training costs associated with Garda Vetting.

How much does Garda vetting cost?

How long is Garda vetting teaching?

three year
The Teaching Council is commencing the re-vetting of all registered teachers on a three year cycle. Teachers who hold a National Vetting Bureau Disclosure which is three years old will be issued a re-vetting request on a scheduled basis.

Where can I find information on Garda vetting?

Further information on the Garda Vetting process is available from the National Vetting Bureau:

When do you need a Garda Siochana certificate?

It is only conducted in respect of personnel working in full-time, part-time, voluntary or in a student placement capacity in a position in an organisation, through which they have unsupervised access to children and/or vulnerable adults.

When does HSE carry out Garda vetting and clearance?

Garda Vetting and Police Clearance. The HSE will carry out Garda Vetting Clearance on all new employees where their role is engaged in relevant work (e.g. access to, or contact with, children or vulnerable adults). New employees engaging in relevant work will not take up duty until the Garda Vetting Clearance process has been completed and

How to access personal data held by Garda Siochana?

Under the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2018 you have the right to access the personal data held about you by an Garda Siochána. You can request this information in writing or by completing a Subject Access Request form (pdf).