How do I find top reviewers on Amazon?

You can check the top reviewers list on Amazon at It gives you access to the contact information of some of the most qualified reviewers.

Who has the most Amazon reviews?

Amazon’s Top Customer Reviewers

10,000 customer reviewers ←Previous 1 2 1000 Next→ Sorted by rank (high to low)
Rank Customer Reviewer Helpful Votes
# 1 Sara See all 10,249 reviews 87,115
# 2 Ronny Acosta See all 3,922 reviews 32,569
# 3 Momma See all 5,309 reviews 21,251

What is a top 500 reviewer?

Kizzy Rucker, who is a Top 500 Reviewer on Amazon, says that there are a wide variety of reasons people might work to become a top reviewer on Amazon. But for Amazon sellers, the Top Reviewer badge is a sign that a review by that person could mean a lot for your product in terms of sales and in terms of credibility.

Do you get anything for being a top Amazon reviewer?

As an Amazon high ranking reviewer, you will receive a number of benefits including: The opportunity to try out new products free of charge. Freebies, free samples & free Amazon gift cards. The opportunity to become a Hall of Fame Reviewer.

How do I find Amazon reviewers?

At the end of the summary for reviews section, click on the blue number that has how many reviews a product has. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the first list of reviews they give you and click “see all (# of reviews)”. The search button is on the left.

What product on Amazon has the most ratings?

#1 – 4.97/5 stars – Behold, the top-rated item on all of Amazon. The Slipstick CB840 Large Castor Cup Gripper.

How many reviews can I leave on Amazon?

Amazon is putting a limit on how many verified product reviews a single product can have in a day, according to some sources. They already limited unverified reviews to 5 per week. If you blow past that daily limit, your customers will receive a message from Amazon that states their review cannot be accepted.

How do I read all Amazon reviews?

Click “Accounts & Lists,” located toward the top-right corner of the screen.

  1. Click “Accounts & Lists” on the top of the website.
  2. Select “Your Amazon profile” to locate your previous reviews.
  3. You can view all of your past activity on this page.
  4. Select “Reviews” to see comments and reviews you’ve written.

Who are the most popular reviewers on Amazon?

The top classic reviewers are also “over-represented by male reviewers,” despite Amazon’s best known reviewer being a woman, Harriet Klausner .” Seventy percent of reviewers who responded to the researchers were male.

Can a seller get a free review on Amazon?

Sellers used to send reviewers their product for free or at a discount, but Amazon now prohibits that. Please check the latest Amazon guidelines, since they do change every now and then! I know that the last time I checked, there are 1,822 top Amazon reviewers who have listed their email address on the top reviewers page.

How many Amazon reviewers have listed their email address?

I know that the last time I checked, there are 1,822 top Amazon reviewers who have listed their email address on the top reviewers page. How do I have that specific number? Because I’ve compiled a free report for you to download of these 1,822 top Amazon reviewers, sorted out by name, email, interest, location and more.

Are there any Amazon reviewers that have been purged?

As of now, reviewers with 0 reviews are considered to be purged. Occasionally Amazon purges accounts which then later get reinstated. Below is a list of reviewers in the Top 10,000 who were previously purged but seem to have been reinstated today: