Has anyone won the Caramilk key?

Lisa Landry of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, held the winning key and is now the protector of the Caramilk Secret.

How many Caramilk keys are there?

Ten golden keys
Ten golden keys have been hidden inside Caramilk chocolate bars and one consumer will be trusted with the brand’s 40-year-old caramel secret, Cadbury revealed today.

What is the Caramilk key?

One key will unlock the vault where the secret is stored and a chance for one Canadian to become the “Protector of the Caramilk Secret.” The winner will earn $250,000 if he can do the job. The multimedia effort is being tracked at www.caramilk.ca.

How do they get the soft flowing caramel into the Caramilk bar?

The soft-flowing caramel starts on the outside of each square. The workers start by flipping the bar inside-out. Then they add the perfect amount of caramel and simply flip the chocolate back to its original position.

Why was Caramilk discontinued?

This news follows the nationwide recall of Caramilk after “small flexible pieces of food grade plastic” were found in the product due to a “machinery fault”. In a statement, a Mondelez International spokesperson said Caramilk was never intended to be a permanent part of its range, but “never say never”.

What is the secret to Caramilk?

In this method, solid caramel blocks are placed into the cavities of pre-formed chocolate moulds. Everything is sealed with a layer of melted chocolate that forms the base of the bar. An enzyme added to the caramel gradually converts the solid caramel into liquid, creamy caramel after a few days.

What is the secret in Caramilk?

Why are there symbols on my Caramilk bar?

The symbols have been added to the bars on purpose. The symbols are part of the makeup of Caramilk to be mysterious!

Is Caramilk permanent?

One belief was that Caramilk simply fills a gap between other new flavour launches with a commenter noting Caramilk had disappeared just as Cadbury Dairy Milk Marble made a reappearance. “It will be back permanently until they find a new flavour that’s more important at the time and stop production.

Is Caramilk like Caramac?

Cadbury’s Caramilk chocolate is very similar to Nestle’s Caramac bars and McVities Gold Bar biscuits. Essentially, it’s white chocolate mixed with caramel to form a whole bar of caramel-flavoured chocolate, mmmm.

Where do I enter my Caramilk code?

Where do I enter Caramilk code? Enter the PIN code at www.caramilk.ca during the Contest Period and provide your full name and email address. Upon entering the PIN, you will instantly find out if you are one of the lucky 10 finalists.