Does Walmart Sell Home Run Inn Pizza?

Shop all the Home Run Inn frozen foods at Walmart. In hopes of better serving our loyal customers, frozen pizza from Home Run Inn was created. All our ingredients are prepared from scratch daily and then par-baked giving you the highest quality pizza with the freshest flavor possible.

Where are home run pizzas made?

Home Run Inn is a restaurant chain known for their Chicago-style pizza as well as frozen pizzas. Home Run Inn is headquartered in Woodridge, Illinois of the United States….Home Run Inn.

Type Private
Headquarters Woodridge, Illinois , USA
Number of locations 9
Products Pizza, Pasta

How big are Home Run Inn frozen pizzas?

A: The 12” pizzas are topped with 14 pepperoni slices and the 6” pizzas are topped with four pepperoni slices.

Is Home Run Inn the best frozen pizza?

Well let the bragging begin after Consumer Reports named Chicago’s Home Run Inn No. 1 when it comes to the best frozen pizza.

What is the number one selling frozen pizza?

DiGiorno, owned by Nestlé, was the top ranked frozen pizza brand of the United States with about 1.01 billion U.S. dollars worth of sales in 2017.

Where can I Buy Home Run Inn frozen pizza?

Home Run Inn frozen pizzas are made exactly the same way we make them at our nine pizza places, and they’re available at retailers throughout the nation. We never cut corners and never compromise our technique. That’s how we produce the best pizza Chicago has to offer.

Where is the Home Run Inn in Chicago?

Famous Thin Crust Chicago Pizza Since 1947 Above all, Home Run Inn is a proud, family-owned business—one with deep roots in the city of Chicago. In 1923, the original Home Run Inn location opened as a small tavern on Chicago’s South Side.

What makes Home Run Inn Pizza so good?

We never skimp on flavor, high-quality toppings, or use ingredients you can’t pronounce. Each pizza is finished with fresh mozzarella cheese and all-natural meats and veggies. You get to enjoy a consistent flavor that’s good till the last bite — in the comfort of your own home. No need to cook anything from scratch – that’s our job!

What kind of cheese is in Home Run Inn Pizza?

We’ve done the hard part for you. Let us do the cooking for you. We’ll start with fresh, all-natural ingredients: a savory sauce made from the ripest tomatoes in Modesto, California, buttery crust, and ooey-gooey-cheese — so you can bring the taste of Chicago from our kitchen to yours.