Did Prototype 2 get remastered?

Prototype 2 remastered on Xbox One runs at a lower frame-rate compared to the original PS3 release, and often shy of the Xbox 360 version. If the first remaster is a disappointment, Prototype 2 is more of an ordeal to play on Xbox One.

How do you unlock Alex Mercer skin in Prototype 2?

To unlock the Alex mercer skin in Prototype 2 you need to complete all 5 of the event sets that I show at the start of the video. The final challenge became available on June 7th 2012.

How do I install SweetFX in Borderlands 2?

Borderlands 2

  1. Unzip “Borderlands 2.rar” into the following directory = /Borderlands 2/Binaries/Win32/
  2. Adjust in-game Brightness/Gamma settings until satisfied.
  3. Enable/Disable SweetFX by pressing F12 at any time in game.
  4. Press “Print Screen” in game to take screenshots, they will be saved in the games directory.

How do I install reshade Borderlands 2?

Instructions For Reshade & Preset.

  1. Download Reshade.
  2. Install reshade to Borderlands 2 installation folder directory.
  3. Unzip BetterlandsPreset.
  4. When you are in-game press the key that is set to toggle on Reshades UI it should be the HOME button.

Which game is better Prototype or Prototype 2?

They’re both definitely fun games, but the sequel is definitely better than the first in almost every way (graphics, variety, amount of content). Some argue that the first had a better story and that Alex was a more interesting protagonist, though – but overall the second one wins hands down.

Is Alex Mercer dead in Prototype 2?

Alex Mercer is the main protagonist villain of the 2009 video game Prototype and later the main antagonist of the 2012 sequel Prototype 2. Initially being an anti-heroic main protagonist who gained his powers from an experimental bioweapon after he died as a human.

How do you reshade in Borderlands 2?

Do you need texmod for Prototype 2 mod?

Most textures are in 2k and others have been increased with ai, you need texmod to load the textures. The mod is a retexture quite complete of all the three zones (Red, Green and Yellow) of the game.I’ve simply done them with TexMod and texture size are 2K but for small objects I used a smaller size because it’s enough good.

When did Prototype 2 texture pack come out?

Prototype 2 was a pretty cool action game that came out in 2012. And while the game had optimization issues when it came out, nowadays most PC gamers can overcome these issues by using modern-day CPUs. Going into more details, this texture pack features new textures for roads,papers on the ground and rubbish, Graffiti, roofs and ground.

Is there a lighter version of Prototype 2 mod?

If you have problems, consider this lighter version of the mod for low-end machines or for users who encount crash problems using TexMod that does not manage well big packs.

Are there any mods for prototype Skin mode?

Prototype -Skin Mode This mod has been tested on different pc’s to test its working It changes the Texture of Alex And His Mutation Weapons So that They… This mod has been tested on different pc’s to test its working It changes the Texture of Alex And His Mutation Weapons So that They Look Good Installation…