Can you pay monthly for oil heating?

You can choose to only pay for your heating oil as and when you need it. Our two payment options offer the choice of paying in monthly instalments or only paying for the amount of heating oil you need at the time you need it.

Do oil companies have payment plans?

It is designed to help our customers spread 4 or 5 months of fuel deliveries over a 12 month period. There are no additional costs for using the PAYMENT PLAN. With up-to-date payments, the CASH DISCOUNT(heating oil and kerosene) will still be received. The PAYMENT PLAN takes into account a full tank.

How is heating oil billed?

Gather your heating-oil bills for as many months or years as you can – look at the quantities used. If you add together 12 months’ worth of usage and divide by 12, the product will be your average heating oil cost per month.

Can I order less than 500 Litres of heating oil?

How much should I order? Larger quantities of heating oil are cheaper to purchase per litre than smaller quantities, the minimum quantity you can order is 500 litres.

What is the price of home heating oil today on Long Island?

Latest Monthly Average Home Heating Oil Prices

Region Cents Per Gallon
Long Island Region 327.3
New York City 330.5
Lower Hudson Region 312.9
Upper Hudson Region 306.8

What is the minimum order for heating oil?

500 litres
The minimum bulk delivery volume for Heating Oil, Gas Oil, or Diesel is 500 litres.

Can I order 200 Litres of heating oil?

What’s the minimum fuel order? The minimum amount we can deliver is 200 litres. Many domestic customers opt to have a delivery of 1,000 litres to cover the winter months, with smaller top ups when they’re needed.

How does direct debit work for heating oil?

Our Monthly Direct Debit Pre-Payment Plan allows you to spread the cost of your home heating oil consumption over the next 12 months. We simply agree your projected heating oil usage for the next year and calculate a fair and reasonable monthly payment that will reflect your projected usage.

Is there a monthly payment plan for heating oil?

Whether you want to budget for your next order, spread the cost of your heating oil throughout the year or have funds ready to take advantage of sudden price drops, the BoilerJuice Payment Plan can give you the financial freedom you need.

Is there a monthly Direct Debit payment plan?

Monthly Direct Debit Pre-Payment Plan. Normally, whenever you purchase oil from any fuel supplier you have to pay the bill on delivery or within a very short period of time following delivery.

How much can I save on heating oil?

Save for your next heating oil order by depositing as little as £10 per month with our free, flexible monthly saving plan.