Can you dock your boat at Cumberland Island?

Note: Docking is available for day use. No overnight docking is permitted. Docking is available at Dungeness dock on the Northern extension.

Can you camp on the beach on Cumberland Island?

Cumberland Island offers five campgrounds , which include designated campsites at Sea Camp and Stafford Beach; and Wilderness campsites at: Hickory Hill, Yankee Paradise and Brickhill Bluff. Camping is only permitted in these five campgrounds.

Can you paddle to Cumberland Island?

Paddling to Cumberland Island is a true sea kayaking adventure! Paddling from the mainland over to Cumberland Island National Seashore, you’ll pass by the bluffs of Crooked River State Park and then through miles of salt marsh, as you ride the swift tidal currents of the Crooked River.

Can you stay overnight on Cumberland Island?

Visit Cumberland Island for the day, camp overnight, or be a guest at the upscale Greyfield Inn, made famous by John F. Kennedy Jr.’s wedding. Guests of the Greyfield Inn take the hotel’s private ferry, the Lucy Ferguson. The boat ride itself is wonderful way to see Cumberland’s beauty from the water.

Can you walk on Cumberland Island?

Trails, beach, and roadways (not marked private) are all available for hiking. Popular trails on the southern end of the island include: Dungeness Roadways – a self-guided walk through the Dungeness Historic District. River Trail – a short walk along the water’s edge between Dungeness Dock and Sea Camp.

Do people still live on Cumberland Island?

Only a handful of habitable dwellings dot the landscape. Most are owned by descendants of steel tycoon Thomas Carnegie (though a few on the north end belong to heirs of Coca-Cola founder Asa Candler). Just one welcomes overnight guests: Greyfield.

Are there alligators on Cumberland Island?

On Cumberland Island, alligators likely exhibit some level of brumation, but it is common to see large alligators basking in the sun to heat up in the winter time. Temperature not only determines how active alligators are or how often they feed, it also determines the sex of alligator hatchlings.

Are there bears on Cumberland Island?

There are no bears on the island. But raccoons do roam the island, along with the herds of hungry, curious horses.

Are bikes allowed on Cumberland Island?

Bring Your Own Bike on the Ferry All personal bike transportation is managed by the Cumberland Island Ferry. Privately owned bikes can only be ridden on the beach between the Dungeness and Sea Camp beach crossings. Bikes are prohibited on all other areas of the beach.

Is there a ferry from Fernandina to Cumberland Island?

Cumberland Island is only accessible by private boat or through two ferries, one which runs from Fernandina Beach to the Greyfield Inn and another which runs from St. Marys, Georgia at 101 Wheeler St. to the island. Ferry reservations are highly recommended as the ferry is often fully booked.

Can you take shells from Cumberland Island?

While Cumberland Island may be known for its free-roaming wild horses and picturesque ruins, it’s also a great place to hunt for seashells and shark teeth due to being Georgia’s largest barrier island. You’re welcome to take any shells without sea life in them and fossilized shark teeth home with you.

Does Cumberland Island have bathrooms?

Are there bathrooms on the island? Yes, bathrooms are marked on the map which can be picked up during check-in or at Sea Camp Ranger Station.

Where is Sea Camp Campground in Cumberland Island?

Sea Camp Campground is located on Cumberland Island, and is only accessible by boat. All campers must deboard the ferry at the Sea Camp dock. If arriving by private boat the Sea Camp dock will be the closest to the campsite. The campground is located 0.5 miles east from the Sea Camp dock.

Where to dock a boat on Cumberland Island?

Private boaters can dock insider the Northern extension of the Sea Camp dock. There are currently three docks available for private boats: Dungeness, Plum Orchard, and Sea Camp. Note: Docking is available for day use. No overnight docking is permitted.

Where to go biking in Cumberland Island National Seashore?

Sea Camp and Stafford Beach Campgrounds Bikes can be taken to Sea Camp and Stafford Beach Campgrounds. They must stay on designated roads and cannot be taken on trails. (They can be taken the short distance from the main road to Sea Camp). Wilderness Campgrounds

When do you check out at Cumberland Island?

Checkout time is 10:00 a.m. for all campgrounds. Sea Camp campers must make a reservation on the 10:15 a.m. ferry departing from the Sea Camp dock the day they are leaving. For all other campers make a reservation to depart on the 2:45 p.m. ferry when it is being offered.