Who was Billy the Kid and what did he do?

A newly unearthed photo of Billy the Kid is expected to make one family fabulously wealthy. There may be no more infamous symbol of the American West in the 19th century than Billy the Kid. He went by William H. Bonney, although he was born Henry McCarty in New York to Irish immigrants.

Where did Billy the Kid live in Ramah?

The story of Billy the Kid being around Ramah precedes Atheling and involved Ernest’s family. Tom McNeill told Warren Child that while the Tietjens were living in Savoyeta Canyon a group of outlaws came by and demanded a meal. Emma O. was alone at the house.

When did Billy the Kid move to Texas?

Up until his death, Brushy Bill maintained that he was Billy the Kid. Hico’s Billy the Kid Museum speculates that Billy moved to Texas in 1883, two years after his supposed death in New Mexico. He went by the name William Henry Roberts, but most folks just called him Brushy Bill.

When did Billy the Kid die in New Mexico?

None of our stories thus far rivals a story of New Mexico’s—nay, the nation’s—best- known outlaw. It was reported that he was shot and killed by Pat Garrett on July 14, 1881. There is an interesting tale of a mysterious stranger who came to the Ramah country to live shortly after Billy the Kid was “killed”.

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Is there a fourth photo of Billy the Kid?

It is only the fourth known photograph of Billy the Kid and is thought to be a trophy shot taken by Garrett and his posse after they arrested him for murdering a sheriff. It is believed to be now worth millions of dollars. The image could be the last known picture of Billy the Kid, who was born Henry McCarty.

Who are the five men in the Billy the Kid picture?

The self-described history buff said the group picture of five men was part of a set and sat on his wall for several years. Historians say that this photo shows outlaw Billy the Kid, circled second from left, and Pat Garrett, circled far right, taken in 1880.