Who is currently in the Wailers?

The Wailers Band
Labels Sony Latin, Island Records, Atlantic Records, Tabu Records, RAS Records
Associated acts Bob Marley & the Wailers The Original Wailers
Website www.thewailers.com
Members Aston “Familyman” Barrett Donald Kinsey Aston Barrett Jr. Owen “Dreadie” Reid Josh David Barrett Glen DaCosta Andres Lopez Junior Jazz

What band was Bob Marley in?

The Wailers1963 – 1974
Bob Marley/Music groups

Do the Wailers still play?

The Wailers are a reggae band formed from the remnants of Bob Marley’s backing band of the same name. The band have been playing live since Marley’s death in 1981, touring Marley’s greatest hits and performing his most famous albums in full.

Why were the Wailers called the Wailers?

trio, which named itself the Wailers (because, as Marley stated, “We started out crying”), received vocal coaching by noted singer Joe Higgs. Later they were joined by vocalist Junior Braithwaite and backup singers Beverly Kelso and Cherry Green.

Does Peter Tosh have a son?

Andrew Tosh
Jawara McIntoshSteve McIntosh
Peter Tosh/Sons

Who are the original members of the Wailers?

The first incarnation of The Wailers eventually consisted of Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Livingstone playing together as a power trio. However, after several chart successes Livingstone and Tosh were unwilling to tour, so the band split and Marley reformed the Wailers as his backing band.

Where do the Wailers play in the UK?

The Wailers continue to tour the UK regularly, playing high-profile slots at major festivals like Glastonbury as well as in support to the other bands; they played in front of a huge crowd at Manchester’s Heaton Park in the summer of 2012, opening for The Stone Roses.

When did Bob Marley and the Wailers tour?

This year, The Wailers embarked on the worldwide Legend Tour 2014, celebrating 30 years since the release of Bob Marley & The Wailer’s ‘Legend’- the best selling reggae album of all time.

How did the Wailers influence the Fab Four?

The influence and impact of Bob Marley and The Wailers goes far beyond that of the fab four, to the extent where some, very understandably, call Marley a straight up prophet. Even from a purely musical perspective, we’re talking about the creators of some of the most iconic pop music of our time. So, no pressure then.