Who does Raphy Pina manage?

Raphy Pina is an American business executive, best known as a founder of a reggaeton record label, Pina Records. Through record label, Raphy has managed few big names like Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam, Don Omar, Plan B, R. K. M. & Ken-Y, and Natti Natasha.

Is Daddy Yankee with Pina Records?

Pina Records is a Puerto Rican record label founded by Rafael Antonio Pina Nieves in 1996. Currently, Pina Records manages Daddy Yankee, R.K.M & Ken-Y, Natti Natasha and Plan B.

Who is Natti Natasha manager?

manager Raphy Pina
Natti Natasha and her manager Raphy Pina make a special appearance in the music video “Inédito” by Spanish reggaetonero Rozzano, the new artist signed by Pina Records.

Is Natti Natasha with Raphy Pina?

Natti Natasha and her music manager fiancé Raphy Pina welcomed a baby girl on Saturday, May 22. Find out the unique name the couple gave their little one. Watch: Necessary Realness: It’s a Celebrity Baby Boom!

Who signed the bad bunny?

Universal Music Latin Entertainment
Bad Bunny/Record labels

Who is the owner of Pina Records?

Sony Music Latin
Interscope Records
Pina Records/Parent organizations

Who is Natti Natasha dating 2020?

Raphy Pina
Natti Natasha (real name: Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez) and Pina Records’ founder Raphy Pina (real name: Rafael Antonio Pina-Nieves) confirmed that they are engaged. The Dominican artist announced the news via her Instagram account Monday morning (Feb. 1).

Are Natti Natasha and Pina dating?

Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina Are Engaged The couple became Instagram-official after revealing their love in the music video “Inédito.” Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina are engaged! The couple announced the happy news on Instagram, making their debut together on social media.

Who is Raphy Pina and what does he do?

Raphael Pina, aka Raphy Pina, is a Puerto Rican businessman and record executive who is known as the founder of the reggaeton record label Pina Records. Pina Records is recognized as a successful reggaeton label in the music industry that has managed some globally renowned artists.

Who is Raphy Pina and who is Natti Natasha?

Pina Records is recognized as a successful reggaeton label in the music industry that has managed some globally renowned artists. Raphy recently got engaged to his fiance Natti Natasha who is a Dominican singer and songwriter. The couple has been dating since 2019. Pina’s fiancee Natti has been associated with Don Omar’s label Orfanato Music Group.

Who is Raphy Pina from illumiNatti inspired by?

Raphy Pina is widely known for establishing his record label company, Pina Records. Raphy Pina produced his fiance Natti Natasha’s debut album titled Illuminatti in 2019. Also, the duo starred together in the music video, Inedito, by Rozzano. The song is said to be inspired by Raphy and Natti’s relationship.

Where was Raphy Pina of Daddy Yankee born?

In addition to having one of the most recognized record labels in the world of reggaeton, he has represented different artists among which are Daddy Yankee, Natti Natasha, or Nicky Jam, among others. Rafael Antonio Pina Nieves was born on the 4th of July, 1978 in Isla del Encanto, Puerto Rico.