What kind of Racket is Wilson Pro Staff?

An evolution of Wilson’s most iconic tennis racket. There’s no question about it: the Pro Staff is our most iconic tennis racket franchise.

When did the Wilson Pro Staff come out?

One of our most famous racket technologies, the Hammer Series launched in 1999 using “Hyper Carbon” technology, which was designed to be four times stronger, stiffer, and 65% lighter than Titanium. While a few “Hyper Carbon” Pro Staffs were made, the original double-braided models remained more popular.

What kind of golf clubs does Wilson Pro Staff use?

Wilson Staff C300 Fairway Wood Golf Club Speeder Pro Graphite Choose Loft Flex! MAKE AN OFFER!! WILSON PRO STAFF Club Set Right Handed / New Grips

What kind of material is the Wilson Pro Staff made of?

The original description of this braid, that first appeared in a 1985 Wilson catalog, still holds true: The core of the Pro Staff is a braid of Kevlar® and graphite. This construction blends the extraordinary strength of graphite with the durability of Kevlar®, a space-age material.

What’s the score on the Wilson Pro Staff 97ls?

The Pro Staff 97LS does that with a slight emphasis on spin that will help some players. I scored the Wilson Pro Staff 97LS just behind its twin, the Pro Staff 97L. It got a 7.5 out of 10 for the groundstrokes, which is a very good score for a light racket.

Is the Wilson six one 95 still in use?

The Wilson Six One 95 is one of the most iconic racquet lines in history and it deserves a classic racquet review. Have you used this legendary racquet? What started with the Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 Classic 30 or so years ago, is still going strong among both club players and pros today.

How big was the first Wilson Pro Staff?

Fun Fact: While many remember the Pro Staff 85” 6.0 as the original Pro Staff released, the first Pro Staff actually developed was the Pro Staff 110”. The 85” and 125” were then developed from the 110”.