What is the preterite tense of estar?

Estar is another verb that is irregular in both the present and the preterite tense….Preterite Tense of Estar.

yo estuve nosotros/as estuvimos
tú estuviste vosotros/as estuvisteis
él/ella/Ud. estuvo ellos/ellas/Uds. estuvieron

What are the 5 uses of estar?

Uses of Estar

  • Position. Position refers to the physical position or posture a person or thing is in.
  • Location. The location of someone or something describes where it is permanently, temporarily, or conceptually.
  • Actions.
  • Conditions.
  • Emotions.

What is the pattern of conjugation in estar?

As irregular as estar is, it follows the same pattern of conjugation as two other important Spanish verbs: ir (to go) and dar (to give). In Spanish, there are three different moods and many more tenses.

Which is an example of estar imperfect subjunctive?

Estar Imperfect Subjunctive The imperfect subjunctive, or imperfecto del subjuntivo, is used as a clause describing something in the past and in situations of doubt, desire, or emotion, and is generally subjective.

Which is an example of the estar periphrastic future?

Estar Periphrastic Future Indicative. The periphrastic future is formed with the present tense conjugation of the verb ir (to go), followed by the preposition a and the infinitive of the verb. For example, Mañana a esta hora voy a estar en Madrid, means “Tomorrow at this time I am going to be in Madrid.”.

Do you have to use reflexive pronouns to use estar?

To give negative commands, you need to use the following forms of estar. You don’t need to use reflexive pronouns to create negative sentences. We have talked a lot about the conjugation of estar, but there is something else you need to know about this popular Spanish verb.