What is the meaning of panagiota?

Meanings and history of the name Panagiota. Panagiota is derived from the common Greek name for the Virgin Mary, “Panagia” or “Madonna”. In English, the name directly translates to “all holy”. The prefix “pan-” is the Greek word for “all” or “complete” and is commonly used as a prefix in English language (eg.

What kind of name is panagiota?

It derives from the Greek epithet Panagia or Panayia (“All-Holy”) for Mary, mother of Jesus. The feminine form of the name is Panagiota or Panayiota (Παναγιὡτα)….Panagiotis.

Pronunciation IPA: [panaˈʝotis]
Gender Male
Language(s) Greek
Meaning All-holy

Is panagiota a girls name?

Panagiota Origin and Meaning The name Panagiota is a girl’s name meaning “devotee of the Virgin Mary”. From the Greek title of the Virgin Mary, Panagia, which “all holy”.

Why is Mary called Panagia?

Panagia (Greek: Παναγία, fem. of panágios, pan- + hágios, the All-Holy, or the Most Holy; pronounced Greek pronunciation: [panaˈʝia]) (also transliterated Panaghia or Panajia), in Medieval and Modern Greek, is one of the titles of Mary, mother of Jesus, used especially in Eastern Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity.

How do you pronounce panagiota?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Panagiota. pana-gio-ta.
  2. Meanings for Panagiota. It is a feminine name that originated in Greece and it means “all holy”.
  3. Examples of in a sentence. KOUIMANIS, Panagiota (Kalyvas) Dr. Panagiota Stathopoulou. FERGUSON, PANAGIOTA “ALICE” Panagiota Gotsis.
  4. Translations of Panagiota. Russian : Панайота

What does Panos mean?

All Holy
Greek: from a pet form of the personal name Panayiotis ‘All Holy’, a derivative of Panagia (from pan ‘all’ + hagia ‘holy’), an epithet of the Virgin Mary (see Panagos).

What does George mean in Greek?

Etymology and origins Its original Greek form, Georgios, is based on the Greek word georgos (γεωργός) ‘farmer’. The word georgos itself is ultimately a combination of two Greek words: ge (γῆ) ‘earth, soil’ and ergon (ἔργον) ‘work’.

How do you pronounce giota in Greek?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Giota. gio-ta. Gi-ota.
  2. Meanings for Giota. It is a surname that is of Greek origin.
  3. Examples of in a sentence. Giota Níos Mó: Irish Level 3. Giota’s Journey. Transcript of media clip Giota Chun Cinn Lesson 15: Masculine and Feminine Nouns.

What does Peter mean in Hebrew?

Meaning & History Derived from Greek Πέτρος (Petros) meaning “stone”. This is a translation used in most versions of the New Testament of the name Cephas, meaning “stone” in Aramaic, which was given to the apostle Simon by Jesus (compare Matthew 16:18 and John 1:42).

What does Peter stand for in English?

Definition. PETER. Point Evidence Technique Explain Reader.

What does Dormition mean in the Bible?

The term Dormition expresses the belief that the Virgin died without suffering, in a state of spiritual peace. This belief does not rest on any scriptural basis, but is affirmed by Orthodox Christian Holy Tradition.

What does the name Panayota mean in Greek?

A user from Belgium says the name Panayota means “Panayota is derived from the common Greek name for the Virgin Mary, ‘Panagia’ or ‘Madonna’. In English, the name directly translates to ‘all holy’. The prefix ‘pan-‘ is the Greek word for ‘all’ or ‘complete’ and is commonly used as a prefix in English language”.

Which is the correct spelling Panagiota or Panayiota?

Panagiota is also spelled Panayiota, because it best attributes the authentic Greek sound of the name. Nameday of Name Panagiota: August 15th, the day when Greeks honor the death of Virgin Mary. Read more about the origin of the Greek name Panagiota.

What is the female name of the Greek goddess Panagiota?

Panagiota, the greek female name Panagiota or Panayiota.

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