What is modnet?

Defence Information Infrastructure (DII) is a secure military network owned by the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence MOD. Starting in May 2016, MOD users of DII begin to migrate to the New Style of IT within the defence to be known as MODNET; again supported by ATLAS.

What is the role of iHub?

iHub provides a space where members can receive mentorship, business support services, access to startup and product development related workshops and events, and the possibility of venture funding through connections with the local and international venture capital community.

What is the iHub MOD?

The MOD is a large and complex organisation undertaking operational, policy making, procurement, supply and support functions, all of which are underpinned by information. Through the creation of iHubs, the MOD has begun the process to standardise information management right across the Armed Forces and HQ.

What is the MOD’s primary collaboration tool?

Defence Share
In 2015, the MOD’s Information Systems and Services (ISS) introduced Defence Share. Powered by INOVEM’s Kahootz product, it is now the MOD’s primary collaboration tool.

What is modnet evolve?

MODNET EVOLVE’s primary purpose is to replace in-scope elements of MODNET, which is provisioned under the Defence Information Infrastructure (DII) Contract. The DaaP contract structure will also involve suppliers of DaaP services working together collaboratively.

What is JPA in the army?

Joint Personnel Administration (JPA) is the intranet-based personnel administration system used by the British Armed Forces from April 2006 onwards, replacing the separate payment and administration teams from each of the three Services.

Who is responsible for setting defence policy?

The Chief Information Officer has overall responsibility for information, policy and records management in Ministry of Defence. 21. The Ministry of Defence has published JSP 747 „Defence Information Management Policy‟, in recognition that information in all its facets is a highly valuable resource for the organisation.

What are online collaboration tools?

Online collaboration tools are web-based applications that offer basic services such as instant messaging for groups, mechanisms for file sharing and collaborative search engines (CSE) to find information distributed within the system of the organization, community or team.

Who is responsible for setting Defence policy and strategy for information?

The Chief Information Officer has overall responsibility for information, policy and records management in Ministry of Defence.

What does JPA stand for?

Java Persistence API
JPA is an abbreviation that stands for Java Persistence API. It’s a specification which is part of Java EE and defines an API for object-relational mappings and for managing persistent objects. You can use this API in Java SE and Java EE environments. The specification is currently available in version 2.2.

Is JPA a Defence Gateway?

Access to the MyLeave application is via the Defence Gateway using your Smartphone, tablet, laptop or through MODnet. If you already hold a Defence Gateway account log in using your JPA service number and password created for the account.