What is a 1997 Seadoo GTX worth?

$2500 is fair, however if you don’t know the guy personally (which I assume you don’t) you don’t know how well it has been maintained. Ask some tough questions and you’ll be able to tell if it’s been cared for.

What’s the difference between a 1997 Seadoo GTX and GTI?

They are two very different beasts. The GTI is lighter and a little more nimble, the GTX is heavier and rides much nicer.

What engine is in a 1998 Seadoo GTX Limited?

1998 Sea-Doo GSX Limited Specs

Number of cylinders 2
Displacement 951.2 cm3 (58 in3)
Engine rev limiter setting 7200 RPM ± 50
Starting system Electric starter

What model is my jet ski?

How to quickly find the year of your jet ski: On most brand jet skis, the model year will be the last two digits of the Hull Identification Number or (HIN). If the last two digits are 15, then the model year is 2015. HIN’s can be found on the year of the craft or within the engine compartment.

How fast does a 1997 Seadoo GTX go?

Re: GTX 1997 top Speed The ski goes 53 mph on a GPS.

How fast does a 1997 Seadoo GSX go?

1997 GSX max speed 35 MPH.

How fast will a 1995 SeaDoo GTX go?

Premium Member. That sucks, you should get 55-60mph.

How fast is a 1997 SeaDoo GTI?

How can you tell what year a Seadoo is?

Hull id and Engine id……..to find out the year of your boat/ski, look on the very back of the hull, on the starboard (right) side and you’ll see a set of numbers, that’s your HIN. The year is the last two digits. The EIN is usually on the engines block, either close to the PTO side or up front on the MAG side.

Do jet skis have titles?

Does a Jet Ski Have a Title? Many jet skis have a title as it’s a required legal document in several states. The title provides ownership, so it’s recommended to title your jet ski.

How fast does a 1998 Seadoo GTX go?

Moderator. Group K has them radared at 57-58 mph stock.

How fast is a 1996 Seadoo GTX?

My 96 GTX (787) tops out at about 45mph with 1 rider.

What kind of boat is the 1997 SEA DOO?

Select a 1997 Sea-Doo/BRP Model A wholly owned subsidiary of Bombardier Recreational Products, Sea-Doo is a Canadian marquee known for their personal watercrafts. In addition to their PWCs, Sea-Doo also produces various sport and speed boats.

When did the seadoo GSX limited get a new engine?

In late 1997, a new 951cc RAVE valve engine, rated 135hp, was introduced in the GSX Limited. The 1997 951 engines were painted white. There were some issues with the white engine that were resolved in 1998. The 587 engine is dropped.

What kind of engine does a 1995 seadoo jet ski have?

The SP, SPI and GTS are all similar to 1995. They all incorporate the 587 engine with single carb. The XP is the same as the 1995 XPI with the 800 engine. The SPX has the same features as the 1995 XP with the 720 engine and the HX remains unchanged other than cosmetics.

Is it safe to resale a 1998 seadoo?

Disregarding any of the safety precautions and instructions contained in this Operator’s Guide, the Safety Handbook and on Product Warning Labels could cause injury, including the possibility of death. This Operator’s Guide, the Safety Handbook and Videocassette should remain with the watercraft at the time of resale.