What can I do at the SGO annual meeting?

Whether you’re a physician, surgeon, researcher, allied health professional or a student in the field, you can join us to make the connections that will boost your career, see what’s new in gynecologic oncology science and research, and learn the best practices and techniques that can take your care to the next level.

Which is the official foundation of the SGO?

SGO is global, inclusive and dedicated to all its members. The Foundation for Women’s Cancer (FWC) is the official foundation of SGO dedicated to outreach, education, and is the fundraising arm of SGO.

How long are turnover talks on SGO connected?

Turnover Talks are now available on SGO ConnectEd — stay up to date on new data and hot topics between cases. These short summaries are eight to ten minutes long, made for the busy gyn onc. The first series of Turnover Talks will be distillations from the SGO 2020 Annual Meeting Webinars.

Is the Society of Gynecologic Oncology a member organization?

Your new SGO ConnectEd experience with easy access to hundreds of pieces of free content is now available! The world’s premier organization for everyone who works to cure gynecologic cancers. SGO isn’t just an association; it’s a member-driven community of people working together to advance cancer care and improve the lives of millions.

What is the Society of Gynecologic Oncology ( SGO )?

SGO is a national medical specialty society for health care providers trained in the comprehensive management of women’s cancers. The society was initially developed for gynecologic oncologists—obstetrician/gynecologists with three to four years of additional, intensive training in the specific study of gynecologic cancers.

Which is the best online SGO for women?

SGO ConnectTM Ed is an on-demand e-learning education portal that provides a comprehensive online curriculum for women’s cancer health care professionals.