What alcohol is in Midori Illusion?

Bring the 80’s back with this popular premix cocktail. With the delicious tropical combo of melon liqueur, vodka and pineapple flavour, Midori Illusion Vodka Pineapple is a sweet retro treat and a great way to get the party started.

What is an illusion cocktail?

(500ml (2 cups) chilled pineapple juice), ice (1 cup crushed ice), Midori (125ml (1/2 cup) Midori liqueur), triple sec (80ml (1/3 cup) triple sec liqueur) and vodka (80ml (1/3 cup) vodka) in the jug of a blender and blend until well combined.

What does Midori Illusion taste like?

Now this is the taste of magic. One sip of a Midori Illusion and you’ll be under its spell. Midori’s delicious melon flavours meld seamlessly with pineapple and lemon.

What is Midori any?

Midori (ミドリ) is a sweet, bright green-coloured, muskmelon-flavored liqueur made by Suntory. As it is extremely sweet, Midori is not usually taken “straight”; it is generally used in a cocktail, e.g., the Japanese slipper, which is a cocktail composed of Midori, Cointreau, and lemon juice.

How many standards are in a Midori?

First created to wow the VIPs at New York City’s legendary Studio 54, where its bright green colour surely stood out under the disco lights, Midori has garnered a legion of faithful fans in its 35 years on the market….SKU.

Standard Drinks 11
Closure Screw Cap
Size 700ml
Brand Midori

What’s in a Japanese Slipper cocktail?

1 oz (1 part) Cointreau
1 oz (1 part) Lemon juice1 oz (1 part) Midori
Japanese slipper/Ingredients

What flavor is Midori?

honeydew melon flavor
What does Midori taste like? It’s very sweet, with a candy-like honeydew melon flavor. Midori is typically mixed into cocktails instead of drinking it straight.

Does Midori have to be refrigerated?

To maximize the shelf life of melon liqueur for quality purposes, store in a cool dry area away from direct heat or sunlight; keep tightly closed when not in use. The shelf life of melon liqueur is indefinite, but if melon liqueur develops an off odor, flavor or appearance, it should be discarded for quality purposes.

What is a substitute for Midori?

Bols green watermelon liqueur
Midori is a unique liqueur that’s worth seeking out. But in a pinch, you can substitute Bols green watermelon liqueur.