How many deaths wingsuit flying?

To date almost 200 BASE jumpers have been killed during the modern activity from between 1981 and 2012, of whom 50 have died whilst flying a wingsuit.

Are wingsuits real?

On September 30, Frenchman Raphael Dumont purportedly completed the first wingsuit flight into a water landing without a parachute. But many on the web are not buying it. “This is fake,” Thomas Marshall wrote on YouTube. “Compare the relative distance of the yellow buoys from the different camera angels.”

How much does it cost to wingsuit?

What Does It Cost to Learn to Wingsuit Fly? Total cost = USD $16,000 (£9,800), plus a time commitment of 18 months in which to complete a minimum of 200 freefall jumps before starting a wing-suit flying course.

Who are the most extreme wingsuit jumpers?

I recommend you take a look at this dramatic video by wingsuit athletes Marshal Miller, Jesse Hall, and Sean Chuma, Line of Sight: A Look into Wingsuit Base Jumping. It introduces you to some of the most extreme jumps in the Italian Dolomites. Viewing it makes it easy to understand why people get such an adrenaline high from this sport.

What’s the longest wingsuit flight in the world?

In April 2012, the highest and longest wingsuit jumps were recorded by Columbian wingsuit flyer, Jhonathan Florez, at La Guajira in Colombia. The Guinness Book of World Records officiated and they say that Florez’s records are still unbeaten. He achieved the longest wingsuit flight; it lasted 9 minutes and 6 seconds.

Is it dangerous to fly in a wingsuit?

Not all of us dream of dropping off a cliff on skis, or performing motorbike stunts, but who hasn’t dreamt of flying? But wingsuit flying’s dangerous reputation, even by the standards of “extreme” sports, peaked last year when a record 38 people fell to their deaths, including 15 in August alone.

What are the different types of wingsuit flying?

A growing interest in wingsuiting in recent years has led to a number of DISCIPLINES being adopted by skydivers. These include ARTISTICS (acrobatic), PERFORMANCE, XRW (parachute/wingsuit formations), FLOCKING (group flying), BASE WINGSUIT and PROXIMITY FLYING.