How do you indent on Moodle?

Re: Indenting paragraphsTurn on the edit html source and insert 5 non-breaking spaces, done by & n b ; (but remove the spaces between the characters and put one space between each n-b space.create a transparent .gif or .png, insert it with enough width to take up 5 spaces (the width will vary by font used)

How do I grade my essay on Moodle?

Grading Essay Questions in Moodle QuizzesFrom your course page, locate and open your quiz.When the quiz page opens, locate the gear shaped icon for the Quiz Administration options.When the Quiz Administration menu drops down, click the Results tab.On the Results tab, click Manual Grading.

How do you answer questions in Moodle?

Creating a Short Answer Question in MoodleLog into the Moodle Dashboard.Navigate to Front page settings > Question bank > Questions in the Settings section to the left. On the Adding a Short answer question page, enter the General settings for the question (settings explained in the following table) .

Can Moodle be hacked?

I have not exploited any vulnerability in moodle, rather it is same as cheating from your notebook in exam.