How do I get my Meridian phone off hands free?

To answer – • Press Handsfree when your telephone rings to answer and have a handsfree conversation. Pick up the handset to turn off the Handsfree. To activate Mute and turn off your microphone so your caller cannot hear you – • Press Handsfree a second time. The LCD will flash, indicating the microphone is muted.

How do you use the intercom on a Meridian phone?

Group Intercom

  1. Lift the handset or press Handsfree.
  2. Press the Group Intercom button.
  3. Dial the one-, two-, or three-digit code of the telephone number you want to reach.
  4. Press the Group Intercom button a second time to automatically connect to the other person’s business set speaker.
  5. Begin your conversation.

How do you turn the ringer on a Meridian phone?

Raising the Volume on a Meridian Phone Press the up button while the phone is ringing. Once you are satisfied with the volume, stop pressing the key and your calls should come in at a higher volume.

How do you turn the ringer off on a Meridian phone?

Volume control: Adjust the volume on your phone using the volume control key. Raise the volume by tapping the right side, lower the volume by tapping the left side. You can adjust the volume of the handset, headset, or Handsfree. You can adjust the ringing volume while the phone is ringing.

How do you call an extension on a Nortel Networks phone?

For internal calls, lift the receiver and dial the 4 digit extension number. For external calls, lift the receiver and dial 9 + the number.

How do I check my call history on Meridian phone?

Call History (Call Log)

  1. Press the Call history key.
  2. Press the Recvd, Placed or Missed soft key to view the list of received, dialed or missed calls.
  3. Use the Up/Down Navigation keys to view call log entries.
  4. Press the Call soft key to call the phone number from the selected call log entry.

How do I set up speed dial on my office phone?

How to Speed Dial on an Android Phone

  1. Start the Phone app.
  2. Display the dialpad.
  3. Touch the Action Overflow icon.
  4. Choose Speed Dial or Speed Dial Setup.
  5. Touch an unused or blank item in the list, or touch the Add icon.
  6. Choose a contact to speed-dial.
  7. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 to add more speed dial contacts.

Where do I place my Meridian Digital Telephone?

• On Your Desk: Your Meridian Digital Telephone can be placed on your desk so that it is tilted upwards making it easier to see the display. Desk Position (Default) • On the wall: The wall mount lets you attach your telephone on the wall by rotating the base.

How to transfer a call to a meridian DN?

Press Tr a n s f e r. The other party is on hold and you hear dial tone. The LCD indicator lights steadily. Dial the DN that you want to transfer the call to. Press Transf er again, either when you hear ringing, or after you talk privately to the person you are transferring the call to. The LCD indicator goes from steady to off.

How do you change the volume on a Meridian phone?

Û allows you to adjust the buzzer tone. Press Ü to adjust the speaker volume. Press Ý to adjust the volume of the handset and press Þ “handsfree” (if it is configured.) ¤ 3. Press the Volume Control Bar on the left to reduce the volume; press the volume control bar on the right to increase the volume.