How do I export my Tiki-Toki timeline?

Change the ‘Multi logins’ field to ‘On’ and click Save – that’s it! As for sharing, the best way to share your timeline is simply to copy your timeline URL from your browser address bar. By default, if your viewers click on the link, they will be taken to the start of your timeline.

What is Tiki-Toki com?

Tiki-Toki is web-based software for creating interactive timelines that can be shared on the Internet. The upgraded version allows you to embed the timeline directly on your website or blog. This tool enables students to create interactive timelines in order to construct and present content knowledge.

How do I edit a Tiki-Toki?

How do I edit my timelines?

  1. 1Navigate to the Tiki-Toki home page ( Here (if you are logged in) you will find a list of timelines you have already created and also a form for creating a new timeline.
  2. 2Click on the ‘edit’ button and you will be taken to your timeline’s unique page on the web.

Is Tiki Toki free?

Tiki-Toki’s free account lets you create a fully-functional timeline that you can share with friends and colleagues.

Who owns Tiki Toki?

Webalon Ltd.
Tiki-Toki Timeline Maker was launched in 2011 by London-based digital product company Webalon Ltd. It has rapidly become one of the leading timeline software apps on the web. Thanks to an emphasis on beautiful design, customisation and usability, it has proved popular with a wide range of people.

Does Office Timeline work on Mac?

Office Timeline cannot be installed on Mac OS’s and does not work with PowerPoint for the Mac. It can be deployed on a Mac virtual machine using desktop virtualization solutions like Parallels or Bootcamp to run Windows; however, this is not a tested scenario.

Can you create a timeline with tikitoki desktop?

Please note that TikiToki Desktop cannot be used to create web-based timelines. Download a demo or our free timeline viewer, or purchase the full version. The ultimate desktop software for creating interactive timelines. Same as the full app but with saving to file disabled. Free app to view timelines created using TikiToki Desktop.

Where can I Share my Tiki Toki timeline?

The timelines created by TikiToki can be shared with families, friends and business contacts, and if you haved signed up with one of our paid-for accounts, you can also embed your timelines on your own blog or website. We have also recently launched 3D timelines for Tiki-Toki.

Are there any problems with the Tiki Toki app?

Sometimes the Tiki-Toki gets in its own way, burying features and demanding that users take circuitous paths to others. Administration of classrooms, in particular, will gray hair. When it comes to the building attractive, media-rich, Web-based timelines, however, Tiki-Toki deserves notice.

What do you need to know about tikitoki?

Everything you need to know about creating brilliant, interactive timelines using TikiToki. What is TikiToki? TikiToki is a web app that makes it dead easy for people to create interactive multimedia timelines in their browsers. Images, text and even videos (YouTube, Vimeo and AVIs) can be embedded in TikiToki timelines.