Can you talk to ATC in FSX?

VoxATC is the only ATC add-on for FSX which was designed for voice recognition. When you press to talk and speak, the ATC environment is listening to what you say so you won’t be interrupted as in other environments that attempt to fit voice recognition on top of the built in FSX ATC or other ATC add-ons.

Can you be ATC in Flight Simulator 2020?

For players looking for a fully immersive flight simulation in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, they can turn on the ability to talk to the ATC. Microsoft Flight Simulator is all about the journey. Players can fly over any location they wish, even finding their own homes in this flight simulator.

How do I talk to ATC in MSFS 2020?

On the main screen, click Settings and then click ATC. On the Options menu, click Settings and then ATC. Select the Use a Pilot Voice check box. In the Pilot Voice list, click the voice you want to use as your pilot voice.

How do you set up a flight in FSX?

To get started, all you need to do is go into your flight planner and start creating your destination and your starting point. This will be really easy to set up and should only take a few minutes of planning. Before you finish up in the flight planner, you need to click ‘Find route’ and then save the route once it’s all finished up and ready.

How does ATC work in a flight simulation?

ATC, then, will come alive and start giving you all the commands and information that you need to make sure the flight takes off in the right manner. Here you are expected to follow the flight plan to the very letter and do absolutely everything that ATC is asking of you.

Why do you need ATC in FSX fly away?

Not only will working with ATC give you far more control over what is going on, but you’ll also have all the help and information that you need coming back to you as soon as possible.

Is there an AIRAC database for FSX pro?

It has no AIRAC database and thus doesn’t know SIDs/STARs and you have to put in the name, transition, the runway, FAF height, MA height, etc. yourself. It will say climb via the XXX departure and let you do things on your own until the point you have defined to be the transition.