Can you buy 2 year old asparagus crowns?

Although you can find two- and even three-year-old crowns, don’t be suckered into purchasing anything other than year olds. Older ones can be a false economy since they can suffer more in the transplanting and take longer to settle in and flourish than the cheaper year-old crowns.

What can you do with asparagus for second year?

Year Two & Beyond You should apply a general purpose garden fertilizer at the same time, before spears appear. Vigorous stands may be lightly harvested the second year, but on a very limited basis. Each year, the harvest can be extended until full production is reached in 4-6 years.

How do you plant 2 year old asparagus crowns?


  1. Dig a trench 25cm / 10in deep and 30cm / 1ft wide.
  2. Fill the bottom 5cm / 2in with well rotted organic matter from the compost or heap or multi purpose compost.
  3. Using the soil from the dug trench, form a mound in the trench to the same height as the surrounding ground. See the picture below.

How many years does an asparagus plant produce?

While asparagus may be a slow starter, it certainly has stamina. Once a plant matures, it can provide harvests for 20 or more years. And, in other ways, the plant is quite capable of speed. The young shoots that emerge in early spring can grow seven inches in a day.

How many asparagus plants do you need?

Tip. For each person, plant between five and 20 asparagus plants, depending on how often you plan to enjoy the vegetable. Each plant yields about 1/2 pound of asparagus spears each harvest.

How do you plant 3 year old asparagus crowns?

To plant asparagus crowns, dig trenches 12 inches wide and 6 inches deep (8 inches in sandy soil) down the center of the prepared bed. Soak the crowns in compost tea for 20 minutes before planting. Place the crowns in the trenches 1½ to 2 feet apart; top them with 2 to 3 inches of soil.

What happens if you don’t harvest asparagus?

If they don’t, asparagus beetles will lay their eggs in those ferns. Since the length of harvest season will vary from year-to-year depending on air temperature, harvesting should be stopped when the diameter of 75% of the spears becomes small (less than 3/8 inches).

How long does it take for asparagus to grow after planting?

Planting at the right depth is important. Good soil moisture is important at planting for good root and fern growth. Begin harvest two years after planting crowns, three years after planting seeds. Harvest spears until June 30, and then allow the large feathery ferns to develop.

When to pick spears from two year old asparagus?

Pick spears from 2-year-old crowns for a two-week period the year after you plant them. The following year you can harvest for a month, increasing every year until you are eventually harvesting for eight weeks.

How old do you have to be to plant asparagus crowns?

To speed things up for home gardeners, growers sell asparagus roots, called crowns, from 1- and 2-year-old plants that you can harvest sooner. Crowns from 2-year-old asparagus plants can be harvested lightly the year after you plant them, but these larger roots are also more susceptible to transplant shock than 1-year crowns.

How often should you cut asparagus after planting?

I usually cut for about 4-6 weeks. My favorite use is cream of asparagus soup!!!!! “The year after planting, asparagus can be harvested several times throughout a three-week period, depending on air temperatures. Research shows there is no need to wait two years after planting before harvesting.