What time is the last ferry from Stradbroke Island?

North Stradbroke Island Timetable

Monday to Sunday (Including Public Holidays)
Departs Cleveland Departs Dunwich
5:00pm (M) 6:00pm (M)
6.00pm (SB) Fri + Sun only 7.00PM (SB) Fri + Sun only
7.30pm (M) Friday only 8.30pm (M) Friday only

How long is the ferry to South Stradbroke Island?

Couran Cove Island Resort runs a 40-minute ferry to South Stradbroke Island for guests and non-guests from a departure terminal at Hope Harbour, 45 minutes’ drive from Gold Coast Airport and an hour from Brisbane Airport. The ferry costs $50 adults, $25 children.

How long does it take to drive around North Stradbroke Island?

How to get to Stradbroke Island from Gold Coast? 78 km via the Pacific Motorway, an estimated 1 hour and 20 minutes driving dependant on traffic and vehicle. Use the Translink Journey Planner to plan your trip to Cleveland.

What shops are on North Stradbroke Island?


  • Stradbroke Island Butchery 07 3409 9088.
  • Straddie Super Sports 07 3409 9252.
  • Straddie Hardware 07 3409 9076.
  • Amity Point General Store 07 3409 7212.
  • Rufus King Seafoods 07 3409 7224.
  • The Green Room Mintee St.
  • Bob Minty Surfboards 07 3409 8334.
  • The Prawn Shack 07 3415 3436.

Where does straddie ferry leave from?

Going from Stradbroke – departing Dunwich Dunwich is a township on the western side of North Stradbroke Island. The Flyer water taxi departs from One Mile Jetty, Yabby Street, Dunwich.

Is there public transport on Stradbroke Island?

Welcome To Stradbroke Island Buses. The bus service will take you anywhere on the Island as per the timetable and Island map for your Island destinations. Please note our Buses go to and from Amity Point five (5) times a day, please check timetable for more information on the Amity Point services.

How do I get to Amity Point?

Getting there Passenger and vehicle ferries regularly depart Toondah Harbour (Emmett Drive, Cleveland) for Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island: Stradbroke Ferries – 07 3488 5300 – vehicle ferry (45 minutes) and passenger ferry (25 minutes) Gold Cats Stradbroke Flyer – 07 3821 3821 – passenger ferry (25 minutes)

How much does it cost to go to Stradbroke Island?

Passenger Fares

Single Trip Return Trip
Adult $10.00 $18.00
Child (5 – 14 years) $6.50 $11.50
Student* $8.50 $15.50
Concession* $5.00 $9.00

Where is the ferry service to North Stradbroke Island?

North Stradbroke Island is easily accessible by SeaLink passenger or vehicle ferry, with regular services operating from Cleveland. SeaLink North Stradbroke Island is located at 12 Emmett Drive, Cleveland (Toondah Harbour).

Is the Sealink Stradbroke ferry terminal open?

Open seven days a week both at the SeaLink Stradbroke Ferries terminal in Cleveland and onboard the vehicle ferries to North Stradbroke Island. Home of the I♥Straddie cups, merchandise and stickers.

How to get from Brisbane Airport to Stradbroke Island?

You can drive, hire a car, or catch a taxi from Brisbane to Toondah Harbour, Cleveland, where ferries depart to Stradbroke Island. You can take your vehicle on the ferry or leave it on the mainland. You can also take a shuttle from the Brisbane Airport directly to the ferry terminal.

Is there a ferry from Toondah Harbour to Dunwich?

Please note: Stradbroke Flyer & Sealink are 2 different companies that operate a water taxi and passenger & vehicle ferry services from Toondah Harbour, Cleveland, Brisbane to Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island.