What position is a punt returner?

A return specialist or kick returner is a player on the special teams unit of a gridiron football team who specializes in returning punts and kickoffs. There are few players who are exclusively return specialists; most also play another position such as wide receiver, defensive back, or running back.

What positions must you have in a punt formation?

Football Special Teams: Players on a Punt Team

  • Center or snapper: This player must be accurate with his snap and deliver the ball to where the punter wants it.
  • Wings: The players on both ends of the line of scrimmage, generally 1-yard deep behind the outside leg of the end or tackle.

What are the 6 specialist positions on special teams?

Special Teams Positions

  • kickers (i.e. field goal kicker, place kicker, drop kicker)
  • holder.
  • returners (i.e. punt returner, kickoff returner)
  • gunners.
  • blockers.
  • snapper (i.e. long snapper)

What makes a good punt returner?

You want to trap the ball in between your body and forearms, squeezing tight with your hands. Once the ball is secured, immediately shift your eyes to the oncoming defenders and begin to move up field. On a punt that is kicked directly overhead, open to the right or left at a 90-degree angle.

Who calls the snap on a punt?

Because the punter plays so far back, the upback frequently makes the line calls and calls for the snap to be received by the punter. Their primary role is to act as the last line of defense for the punter.

Why are punt returners and kick returners different?

Kick returners have more downfield blockers and less hang time and more distance on the ball, so defenders are farther away. Therefore, kick returners need more skill in block reading and punt returners need more speed and agility to win 1v1s with defenders.

What happens after a punt?

After he touches it or loses control and the ball hits the ground, either team is allowed to recover the ball. If the returner muffs a kick, or fails to gain possession, the punting team may not advance the ball if they recover it.

How many players are on the punt return team?

Also, it would be assumed that the opposition would take two “jammers” to cover the outside “flyers”. With those three players each on the punt and punt block team cancelled out, there are eight members of the punt team to block eight members of the punt return team.

What is the philosophy of Loco punt formation?

The main philosophy of the “Loco Punt formation” is to spread out the return team and to allow. for a blazing coverage team to trap the return team into 1/3 of the football field- thus minimizing the return.

How does a punt team work in football?

Once the kick is off the front and middle lines run back to the middle of the field and create a wall. Keep in mind, your front line must not run back to form the wall until the kick is over their heads, they have to watch for the onside kick and jump on the ball. Having an excellent punt team is a key aspect of winning the field position battle.

What happens when the return team overloads a punt?

If the punt return team overloads a side, the long snapper will go to the side of the overload. The punt team will likely zone the overload side with the personal protector cleaning up the extra person. If #5 works across the face of the long snapper that is the personal protector’s responsibility.