What is the main train station in Valencia Spain?

Estació del Nord
The North Station (Spanish: Estación del Norte, Valencian: Estació del Nord) is the main railway station in Valencia, Spain. It is located in the city centre next to the Plaza de Toros de Valencia, the city’s bullring, and 200m from the town hall.

Is there a high speed train from Valencia to Madrid?

Renfe, AVE and Alvia trains from Valencia to Madrid It operates trains on the longest high-speed railway network in Europe, and the second-longest in the world.

Which train station in Valencia goes to Madrid?

All Renfe trains are direct, depart from either Valencia’s Joaquin Sorolla, Estacio Del Nord, or San Isidre train station and arrive at either Madrid’s Puerta de Atocha or Atocha Cercanias train station. The Valencia to Madrid train journey takes as little as 1 hour and 38 minutes to arrive in Madrid.

Does Valencia airport have a train station?

There is a metro station directly at Valencia airport, however, it does not take you directly to Joaquin Sorolla train station. The metro service leaves the airport every 15 minutes on weekdays between 05:00 and 23:30, and every 20 minutes on weekends and holidays, from 07:00.

Is Seville or Valencia better?

Many travelers prefer Seville which they feel is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, charged with history and culture. Valencia, on the other hand, is a better choice for beach lovers and nightclubbers. Valencia also gets hot in August but not as much, has cooler evenings and beaches for cooling down.

Where does the AVE train go in Spain?

The AVE is the high-speed train service in Spain. With most services running from Madrid (and a few going north from Barcelona), you can now reach Seville, Valencia, Malaga, and Cordoba (as well as travel between Madrid and Barcelona) quicker than you could fly.

Is Valencia near Madrid?

What’s the distance between Valencia and Madrid by train? Trains travelling from Valencia to Madrid cover a distance of around 188 miles (303 km) during the journey.

What airport do you fly to for Valencia?

You can fly to Valencia from Stansted, Gatwick airport or London Airport. You can also fly from Bournemouth, Bristol or Dublin, Manchester, East Midlands airport or Cork in Eire.

Where to buy AVE train tickets from Valencia?

At the station: You can buy tickets in advance for the AVE train from Valencia to Madrid from the long-distance ticket desks at Estació Nord Station. You can also purchase them at the AVE train station itself – Valencia Joaquin Sorolla.

Where is the train station in Valencia, Spain?

Valencia Joaquín ​Sorolla Train Station​ The station is located in the centre of the Valencian capital, 800 m south of the Estación del Norte. WHAT DOES IT OFFER?

When was the AVE station in Valencia built?

The AVE station in Valencia Joaquín Sorolla is located in the heart of the city of Valencia, it was built between 2008 and 2010, just a few meters from the Estación del Norte, which can be reached in just 10 minutes on foot. Its inauguration took place on October 13, 2010.

How long is the AVE line from Madrid to Valencia?

The AVE line that connects Valencia with Madrid Atocha is operational since 2010. This journey lasts less than two hours, in other words, it does not take two hours to cover the 302 km that separate Valencia from Madrid. The Atocha station is the most important station in Madrid.