What Indian group lived in plank houses?

The names of the Northwest Coast tribes who lived in the Plank House houses in the southern parts of the region included the Clatsop, Cowlitz, Kathlamet and Wahkiakum. The more northern tribes, who also erected totem poles, included the Tlingit, Haida, Bella Coola, Chinook, Tsimshian and the Coast Salish tribes.

Which tribe lived in cedar plank houses?

Pacific Northwest Indians
Native people of the Pacific Northwest maintained a distinct respect for cedar and the value it had held for many generations. Cedar logs compose the primary support system of the plank houses of the Pacific Northwest Indians, and are clad with thick cedar planks harvested from living trees.

Where did the Kwakiutl build plank house villages?

Furthermore, how did the Kwakiutl build their houses? The Kwakiutl lived in coastal villages lying close to the shoreline. Each of their rectangular house had a totem pole on the front, a heavy timber frame and were made of cedar planks, and roofs were made of wood bark.

What did the Kwakiutl tribe make their houses out of?

From the abundant forests of cedar and redwood trees, the Kwakiutl built houses called plank houses, or clan houses. Each building of planks could house 30-40 members of the same clan. Each family had an area of the one room dwelling and each cooked its own food on its own cook fire.

What is a Native American plank house?

Plank House Plank houses are square or rectangle shaped dwellings. made by the Native Americans living on the Pacific Northwest coast. Plank houses were made very large, some as large as 60 by 100 feet. They were made using wooden planks latched to a post and beam frame.

What is the difference between a longhouse and a plank house?

The main difference is that longhouses are much, much larger than wigwams. Longhouses could be 200 feet long, 20 feet wide, and 20 feet high. Inside the longhouse, raised platforms created a second story, which was used for sleeping space. Mats and wood screens divided the longhouse into separate rooms.

Who built the plank house?

Archaeology indicates that the Indians of the Northwest Coast began constructing North America’s most sophisticated indigenous wooden architecture over 3,000 years ago. Tsimshian community of Kitselas Canyon (British Columbia) was occupied for 10 millennia, and began building huge cedar plank-houses around 985 B.C.

Do the Kwakiutl still exist?

The Kwakwa̱ka̱ʼwakw (IPA: [ˈkʷakʷəkʲəʔwakʷ]), also known as the Kwakiutl (/ˈkwɑːkjʊtəl/; “Kwakʼwala-speaking peoples”) are Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast. Their current population, according to a 2016 census, is 3,665.

What religion did the Kwakiutl tribe follow?

Many contemporary Kwakiutl identify themselves as Christians but incorporate traditional mythology into their faith, freely blending elements of Christian and indigenous religion.

What kind of houses did the Kwakiutl Indians live in?

The Kwakiutls lived in coastal villages of rectangular cedar-plank houses with bark roofs. Usually these houses were large (up to 100 feet long) and each one housed several familes from the same clan (as many as 50 people.) Here are some pictures of American Indian houses like the ones Kwakiutl Indians used.

What kind of wood is a plank house made of?

A multi-family house found in Nanaimo, on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island, Canada, is documented as being made of split cedar planks that were “held in place by withes (cedar rope) that come from the long lower branches of Cedar trees that grow in open spaces.” (Fraser) Interior of a Chinookan plank house, illustration by Wilkes in the 1850s.

Where did the Chinook Indians live in plank houses?

Chief Shakes, Wrangell, Alaska. A Makah (southern) plank house at Neah Bay, Washington. The southernmost peoples (Makah, Tillamook, Chinook) lived in large rows of shed-roofed townhouses (i.e. built touching in long rows).

What kind of art did the Kwakiutl Indians do?

Kwakiutl artists are known for their fine Native American basket and woodcarving arts, including wooden mask and totem pole carvings. Here is a website about Kwakiutl dance masks. What other Native Americans did the Kwakiutl tribe interact with?