What do you need to know about the FCCLA?

FCCLA offers intra-curricular resources and opportunities for students to pursue careers that support families. Since 1945, FCCLA members have been making a difference in their families, careers, and communities by addressing important personal, work, and societal issues through Family and Consumer Sciences education.

When is the 75th anniversary of the FCCLA?

On June 11, 2020, FCCLA celebrated its 75th anniversary and legacy of making a difference in families, careers, and communities across America. Since 1945, FCCLA has been addressing important personal, work, and societal issues through Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) education—previously known as Home Economics.

Can a middle school student become a FCCLA member?

Any student who has taken a course in Family and Consumer Sciences, or as determined by the state department of education, middle school through grade 12 is eligible for active membership in an organized FCCLA chapter within their school. Once the state and national dues are paid, the student will be an official affiliated member.

Where is Normalair Garrett Limited ( NGL ) located?

Normalair Garrett Limited (NGL), or Normalair, was a British manufacturing company based in Yeovil, Somerset, England, which manufactured high altitude life support equipment for the aerospace industry.

Who are the sponsors of the California FCCLA?

The California FCCLA is sponsored by Family and Consumer Sciences Programs, California Department of Education.

Who is the Executive Director of the FCCLA?

An executive director leads the organization and heads the national staff that gives direction to and carries out programs, communications, membership services, and financial management. Two editions of Teen Times, the official magazine of FCCLA, are published annually.

Where was the FCCLA National Leadership Conference held?

California FCCLA Delegation Attended National Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The theme of this year’s conference was “Inspired by FCCLA,” which inspired attendees to make the right choices and commit themselves to making a positive impact within their families, schools, FCCLA, and communities.