Is Toyota Verso a Corolla?

The Toyota Corolla Verso (known as the Corolla Spacio in Japan) is a compact MPV first released by Toyota in January 1997, until production of the third generation ceased in March 2009 and production of its replacement, the Verso, began. In Japan, it was exclusive to Toyota Corolla Store dealerships.

Is Toyota Verso any good?

Is the Toyota Verso a good car? The interior is airy and spacious with plenty of room for five adults. The two spare seats in the boot are only really suitable for children and eat up luggage space when upright. The same is true for most of the Toyota Verso’s rivals, though.

Is Avensis a good car?

Thanks to its competitive price, low running costs, comfort, efficiency and reliability, the Avensis remains a favourite of company car owners and taxi drivers alike. It’s certainly an accomplished machine, but it’s one you buy with your head rather than your heart.

Why Toyota Avensis discontinued?

Bank executives were shifting towards the Corolla as it had more value for money. As the years rolled by the Corolla was almost the same size as the Avensis and in order, not to conflict sales with the new popular Corolla, Toyota had to finally discontinue the Avensis in 2018.

Does Toyota Verso have Turbo?

There’s only one diesel engine in the Toyota Verso, and it’s definitely a bit old-school in the way it performs. The turbo takes a few seconds to wake up and the engine runs out of puff at lower revs than would be ideal, so you end up having to change gear quite often. At least the six-speed gearbox is precise to use.

How big is the Toyota Avensis Verso 2.0?

Toyota Avensis Verso 2.0 D4-D Specs Toyota Avensis Verso 2.0 D4-D Size, Dime Toyota Avensis Verso 2.0 D4-D Size, Dime Num. of Doors : 5 Wheelbase : 282 cm or 111.02 inches Length : 469 cm or 184.65 inches Width : 176 cm or 69.29 inches

When did the Toyota Corolla Verso come out?

The Verso was preceded by the Corolla Verso, itself a model that became rather lost in a melee of people movers that Toyota launched at much the same time in 2001 alongside the Yaris and Avensis Verso models. I ran one as a long term car and found it such a delightful and useful thing that I bought one.

What kind of platform does Toyota Verso have?

Built on the same Toyota New MC platform with the Corolla, Auris, Avensis, Lexus CT, and NX, the Verso was the answer for the parents who were doing car-pooling to the schools and back. It also ensures a high grade of safety. The front of the car resembled more of the Corolla than the Avensis.

When did the Toyota Averso verso Come Out?

The Avensis Verso model is a car manufactured by Toyota, sold new from year 2003 until 2006, and available after that as a used car. Independent. McPherson. coil springs. anti-roll bar