Is parking free in Birmingham city Centre?

All on-street pay and display bays within Birmingham city centre can be paid for by either purchasing a ticket or paying by phone. If you display your Blue Badge, parking is free at pay and display on-street parking bays (with no time limits).

How much is parking at NIA Birmingham?

Parking near Arena Birmingham Prices: 1 hour £2.20, 2 hours £4.40, 3 hours £6.60, 4 hours £8.80, 5 hours £11, 8 hours £11.50, 10 hours £13.50, 12 hours £15.50, 24 hours £18. Daytime parking (6am to 6pm) – 2 hours £2.70, 4 hours £4.60, 6 hours £6.10, 12 hours £10, 24 hours £12, disabled free.

Where is the robotic car park in Birmingham?

Birmingham Cube complex
A new car park in Birmingham has a sophisticated £2m robotic system that enables cars to park themselves. The car park is 20m (65ft) below canal-side office and apartment development the Cube and access is hampered by nearby shops and bars, bosses said.

Does bullring have free parking?

With most people venturing into the city only to quickly pick up a parcel or takeaway, Bullring and Grand Central bosses have announced they are giving customers one hour’s free parking.

How much does it cost to park in Selfridges?

The current parking charges at Selfridges is £5 per hour. For central London that is not as expensive as other locations. That price was correct as of January 2014. If you stay 4 hours it will cost you £20.

How much is Birmingham City parking?

Inner zone Rates every day from 8am-6pm are: £3.50 – one hour; £6 – two hours; £7 – three hours; £9 – four hours. Every day from 6pm-7.30pm – £3.50 (even if you park at 7.15pm). After 7.30pm, parking is free until 8am the next day.

Is it free parking in Birmingham on Sunday?

There are certain roads which during the week are “pay and display” parking that are free on Sundays. So, for example, up near Broad St there is Gas Street which has free parking on a Sunday, also other roads nearby are also free. However the spaces do fill up quickly.

Where is the Arcadian Centre in Birmingham located?

The Arcadian Centre Car Park located at Birmingham (B5 6NU) Tel: 01216 666376 This IS NOT a Park & Ride Car Park. There is no minimum charge. For more information visit The Arcadian Centre Car Park Website or telephone 01216 666376 Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom, B5 6NU

Are there any car parks in Birmingham City Centre?

The choice of parking includes multi-storey car parks, on-street parking and short /long stay parking. For stress-free parking, the main road electronic signage on your approach to the city centre will indicate which of the nearest car parks have spaces. Further information can be found on the Birmingham City Council website.

Where is APCOA Parking in Birmingham City Centre?

APCOA operates several car parks in Birmingham city centre, in locations convenient for Birmingham New Street, the Chinese Quarter, the Bullring, and the O2 Academy.

What kind of parking is available at the Arcadian?

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