Is Market Force Information a legitimate company?

This is the very first company I worked for as a mystery shopper and I am so thankful for them for trusting me. I had been their shopper for 15 years now. This is a quite legitimate company. Their payment system is fast and efficient.

Are secret shopper jobs legit?

Unfortunately, because of all the scams out there, many people believe that all mystery shopping opportunities are scams. However, this just isn’t true. There are scams in this area, but there are legitimate mystery shopping jobs as well! Mystery shoppers are sometimes called secret shoppers or shadow shoppers.

Where is market force located?

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Type Private
Founded 2005
HQ Peachtree Corners, GA, US Map
Employee Ratings 3.5 More

How do you know if secret shopper is legit?

If you are interested in legitimate mystery shopping programs you can check out the Mystery Shopping Providers Association. If you think you’ve been a victim of this scam, report it to the FTC and BBB ScamTracker.

Do secret shoppers make good money?

How Much Do Mystery Shoppers Get Paid? Most mystery shoppers are paid by the job and not by the hour. Shoppers may earn $8-$10 for a simple assignment, up to $20, $50, $100 or more. In some cases, they are not paid but will be reimbursed for certain expenses.

How does market force work?

Market Force Information does not pay shoppers in advance of a shop. You are asked to pay money to become a shopper. Legitimate mystery shopping firms never ask for money from a shopper. Remember, if the email is from a real person employed by Market Force, our name Market Force will appear after the @, not before.

What happens if u deposit a fake check?

If you deposit a fake check, it can take weeks before the bank realizes that it’s counterfeit. Once the check is returned unpaid, the check will bounce — meaning it can’t be cashed — even if you didn’t know that the check was bad. And you’ll likely be responsible for repaying the bank the amount of the faked check.

What do secret shoppers do?

A mystery shopper is a paid consumer who is hired to shop in stores and collect data. Think of mystery shoppers as “undercover customers” sent in to observe, interact, and report on other customers and store employees. Mystery shoppers are typically employed by a third-party rather than the store or company itself.

What does market force do for your business?

Market Force helps multi-unit organizations improve performance at each location while growing sales and profits. We do this by delivering a turn-key suite of solutions including consulting services, data capture, technology and analytics to help our clients make more impactful and timely business decisions.

How to get in touch with market force?

Get in touch to become a customer, certified reseller, or technology partner. Please fill out the form below if you’d like a member of our team to contact you.

Is there a legitimate email address for market force?

The email address does not use a legitimate Market Force Information email name, which will always be in the form of [email protected] If the person contacting you has an AOL or Gmail or similar non-corporate email address, it is not from a legitimate mystery shopping company.

Where does market force store your personal data?

Your personal data will be stored in a number of places both within the European Economic Area and outside, and will be shared with members of our group of companies, For further information on what data we collect and how we process your data for direct marketing purposes, please click HERE.