Is it safe to stretch ears with silicone tunnels?

Silicone is bacteria friendly Silicone is not on that list of initial body jewelry as it has a habit of trapping bacterial in between the ear and the plug itself. Ear stretching with silicone can lead to blowouts, bacterial issues including intrusions and infections.

Is it safe to wear silicone gauges?

NO. Silicone Jewelry SHOULD NEVER be used to stretch. Using silicone to stretch your piercings can cause painful and sometimes irreversible damage.

When can I put in silicone tunnels?

Stretch with surgical stainless steel or glass, then insert silicone tunnels when the stretch is fully healed. Healing after a stretch usually takes one to two weeks. Never insert jewelry into your body that another person has worn, no matter how well you know the person or how clean the jewelry seems.

Why is acrylic bad for stretched ears?

Acrylic is bad because it is an extremely porous material. It can and will soak up the natural secretions coming from your healing fistula. This can lead to severe infections. Acrylic also adheres to the tissue during the stretching process.

Can I wear silicone tunnels all the time?

Silicone plugs and silicone tunnels are very soft and rubbery, making them very comfortable to wear overnight or when doing sports. As a material, however, it’s high-maintenance.

How do you put gauges in your ears?

Slowly insert the pointy side first and then try to slide it through. If there is resistance or pain, you should wait to stretch your ears further. If there is no resistance and it feels comfortable, simply line up the next gauge of tunnels or plugs and push them through.

Why you shouldn’t use tapers?

They are only for wearing in healed stretches as jewelry because they are porous and can carry too much bacteria. In general, tapers are only recommended for wearing in smaller gauges as jewelry. Large gauge tapers will pull the ear unevenly because of the heavy side of the taper.

Can you make ear gauges out of resin?

Casting is made easy with the flexibility this ear gauge and tunnels mold has to offer. This stretching crafts kit for piercing is perfect for making personalized items. Compatibility includes epoxy resin and other casting materials like uv, cement clay, polyester resins, soap, chocolate, candle, wax and more.

What is ear tunnel?

ear tunnel. 1. A short, cylindrical piece of jewelry that is fitted to one’s earlobe, stretching it in such a way as to create a visible opening through the flesh.

What are gauge earrings?

Gauged earrings are used with the intention of stretching the earlobe. There are many types available, like straight rod, or spiral gauged earrings. You can choose any one out of these, but women generally prefer spiral ones, as they don’t stretch the ear too much.

What are ear plugs?

Ear plugs are a device inserted into the ear to prevent loud noise or the intrusion of water, foreign bodies, dust, cold and strong wind from entering the ear.

What is an ear gauge?

Ear gauging is a practice in which ear piercings are slowly stretched to accommodate larger jewelry.