Is Beast Wars and Beast Machines the same?

Beast Machines is the sequel series to Beast Wars, continuing the conflict between Megatron and Optimus Primal’s crew of Maximals. …

What happens beast machine?

Beast Machines is the sequel to the popular Beast Wars series. After defeating Megatron on pre-historic Earth and preserving Transformers history, the Maximals returned to Cybertron. They also discover that Cybertron was an organic world and make it their mission to restore the planet to its former glory.

Is Cheetor a Autobot?

Cheetor is an Autobot from the Cyberverse continuity family. Cheetor was once one with the Allspark, until he emerged from it on Earth in his new catlike form to serve as the relic’s guardian.

Is there a sequel to Beast Machines Transformers?

Beast Machines: Transformers is an American-Canadian animated television series produced by Mainframe Entertainment. Hasbro has the full distribution rights to the show as of 2011. It was a direct sequel to Beast Wars, taking place within the continuity of the original Transformers series.

When did the first Beast Machines come out?

Beast Machines was a followup franchise to the very successful Beast Wars. Running from 1999 to 2000, its marquee characters were mainly Beast Wars stars, and the associated fiction directly followed the storyline of the Beast Wars cartoon . Beast Machines featured a distinctive visual style in both its toys and its television series.

Who was the girl transformer in Beast Machines?

Isenberg did most of the work on the first season of Beast Machines due to Skir’s workload and a bereavement, while Skir did most of the second season due to Isenberg running Action Man. Skir originally wanted the character of Nightscream to be a young female Transformer, patterned after the girl, Newt, from the movie Aliens.

Who are the main characters in Beast Machines?

After three years of the successful Beast Wars franchise, Hasbro felt it was time to revamp the line, leading to the bold and adventurous Beast Machines. The Maximal faction and a number of its main characters carried over as they faced off against Megatron’s army of Vehicons.