Is Bagh Express Cancelled today?


What is the running status of Bagh Express?

13019Running Status

Station Arrival Status Actual/Scheduled PF/Halt
Chhapra 676 km 13:05 – –
Daudpur 695 km 13:32 – –
Ekma 704 km 13:44 – –
Chainwa 711 km 13:55 – –

Where is Bagh Express 13020?

13020 BAGH EXPRESS Route

1 Kathgodam 21.45
4 Haldi Road 22.55
5 Rudrapur City 23.12
6 Bilaspur Road 23.35
7 Rampur 00.45

What is the train number of kathgodam?

Bagh Express -13019 ( Howrah Junction to Kathgodam )

No. Station name (code) Departs
17 Barhiya (BRYA) 06:09
18 Barhiya (DKGS) 06:56
19 Barauni Junction (BJU) 07:35
20 Bachwara Junction (BCA) 07:57

How can I go to Kathgodam from Kolkata by train?

First Train from Kolkata to Kathgodam: 03019 Hwh Kgm Spl is the first train to run between Kolkata and Kathgodam. It takes 35hr 15min to reach Kathgodam. The train 03019 leaves Kolkata HWH at 21:45:00 and reaches Kathgodam KGM at 09:00:00.

Is there any train from Haldwani to Lucknow?

Some of the trains that operate between Haldwani and Lucknow include: CNB GARIB RATH , KGM CNB EXPRESS. The first train on this route is KGM LJN EXP and leaves Haldwani at 11:13 am , and the last train from Haldwani to Lucknow is BAGH EXPRESS and leaves Haldwani at 22:08 pm.

Which train is running from Howrah to Kathgodam?

kolkata to kathgodam Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from kolkata to kathgodam 1 Trains
Distance from kolkata to kathgodam By Train: 1514 Km
Fastest Train from kolkata to kathgodam : HWH FESTIVL SPL(03020)
Slowest Train from kolkata to kathgodam : HWH FESTIVL SPL(03020)

How to check running status of 13019 Bagh Express?

Running Status of 13019 BAGH EXPRESS: For live train status use selection form given at top of the page. Select your journey station and journey date and hit Get Running Status button. For example: If you are waiting for your train at Haldwani railway station and your date of journey as printed on your ticket is of today.

Which is the last station of Bagh Express?

Then you will select Haldwani as your journey station and journey date as ‘today’. Finally hit ‘Get Running Status’ button. Wait for few seconds and a detailed page with 13019 live status containing 13019 last location information will be opened. Train number 13019 Bagh Express is a Mail Express that runs between Howrah Jn and Kathgodam.

How is the delay of Bagh Express calculated?

The average delay of 13019 is calculated by averaging the actual delay of last 7 days. You can also check PNR status for tickets booked in Bagh Express . Train running status feature enables passenger to know the live delay information of trains as per the NTES data.

Where does 13019 Bagh Express stop in Kathgodam?

It covers total journey of 1507 kilometer and reaches its destination on day 3. It departs from Howrah Jn at 21:45 and arrives Kathgodam at 09:30 on third day. 13019 HWH KGM Mail Express has total 65 stopping stations in its route including both source and destination stations.