How to get Genji Glove from Banon?

If the player agrees, Banon will give Terra a Gauntlet. If the player refuses three times, or if they refuse once and then speak to the Returner in the storage room, they receive a Genji Glove.

How do I get Genji Gloves in ff6?

Final Fantasy VI It can be found in the Returner Hideout, Cave to the Sealed Gate, and Dreamscape, stolen from Dragon and Gilgamesh, and metamorphed from Samurai and Yojimbo. It can be equipped by everyone except Umaro.

Where can I buy Genji glove?

After giving 5 Rare Game trophies to Atak and Blok each, and 15 to Stok, the Genji Gloves can be bought from the Shifty-Eyed Merchant’s store for 447,000 gil.

How to get to Returners Hideout?

Find the Hideout. After leaving Mt. Kolts/Mt. Koltz, go north in the overworld and enter the first cave.

How do I get Genji Armor ff6?

Final Fantasy VI Genji Armor is the strongest heavy armor, providing 90 Defense, 80 Magic Defense, +5 Strength, +3 Magic, +3 Speed, and +2 Stamina. It can be found in Zone Eater’s Belly, by betting the Nutkin Suit in the Dragon’s Neck Coliseum, and dropped by Gilgamesh.

What happens to Banon ff6?

Banon remained in Narshe while the party searched for Terra. Banon’s fate after this point is unclear; he is never seen again once the party departs Vector to go on the Imperial expedition.

How do I get Gilgamesh ff6?

Data. Gilgamesh is a boss in the Advance and subsequent versions of Final Fantasy VI. He is fought after the party bets the Excalipoor in the Dragon’s Neck Coliseum after purchasing the sword in the auction in Jidoor.

Will you become our last ray of hope?

First, speak to Sabin and Edgar, then go to the area outside the Returners’ Hideout, and you’ll find Banon. Say “no” to “will you be our last ray of hope?” and Terra will go back inside. Now, go back and talk to Banon and say “yes” this time. This will give you the cutscene where you talk strategy.

How do I get cider in ff6?

Walk into the Pub and start some dialogue with the various soldiers to learn more about the happenings beneath the town before going downstairs. Beat up the merchant and steal his clothes to obtain a bottle of cider.

Can you steal from aliste?

Aliste, on the other hand, is pretty strong. He has all of Beowulf’s “Spellblade” attacks and all of Elmdore’s “Laido” attacks and he has “Master Teleportation”, making him even more dangerous. And on the top of all, he has the Marquis’ amazing set of Genji Equipment and you can’t steal it because he has “Safeguard”.

How do you steal Genji Armor?

The only way to get Genji equipment is to steal it from Gilgamesh. Therefore, in any of the four battles against Gilgamesh where he actually has the gear, offers a small window for acquisition. The set includes Genji Armor, Genji Helm, Genji Shield and Genji Gloves.

Where do you get the Genji glove in FF6?

Additional items: You can either get a Genji Glove or a Gauntlet After entering, follow the guard to Banon’s room. After talking to Banon talk to everyone and get everything (including the White Cape that is in a secret passage on the right side of the ‘storage room’), then go out of the hideout where Banon will be waiting.

Where do you go in returner’s hideout FF6?

Returner’s Hideout. After talking to Banon talk to everyone and get everything (including the White Cape that is in a secret passage on the right side of the ‘storage room’), then go out of the hideout where Banon will be waiting. First, tell him “no” then go back inside and the man in the ‘storage room’ will give you a Genji Glove.

Where to find the white cape in returner hideout?

There is a hidden passage in the storage room leading to one more treasure. On the right side of the pile of crates, the player can walk into the wall down and to the right, eventually finding a chest with a White Cape, a rare and valuable Relic at this early point of the game.

When do you get Genji gloves Zodiac Age?

In the Zodiac Age version, the player may only transfer items obtained in Trial Mode up to Stage 99, as there’s no auto-save needed for the transfer back to main game after clearing Stage 100. Genji Glove is an accessory that provides Uncapped Damage. It is a reward for missions 51, 62 and 63.