How old was Kat Graham on Hannah Montana?

The episodes aired in May and June 2009 when Kat Graham was 19-years-old. Born on September 5, 1989, in Geneva, Switzerland, she turned 20 on September 5, 2009.

What episode of Hannah Montana was Alison Brie in?

It’s My Party and I’ll Lie If I Want To
Season 1, Episode 5
Air Date April 21, 2006
Guest cast Moises Arias D. Elliot Woods Kunal Sharma Cutter Mitchell Hiromi Dames Alison Brie
Previous I Can’t Make You Love Hannah if You Don’t

Who has Kat Graham dated?

Kat Graham’s Personal Life — She Was Once Engaged and Is Now Dating Much-Older Director Darren Genet. “The Vampire Diaries” star Kat Graham has been in a low-key relationship with filmmaker Darren Genet for over a year. Genet is almost two decades older than her.

How old is Kat Graham?

32 years (September 5, 1989)
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Is Bonnie a vampire?

Bonnie underwent many transformations throughout The Vampire Diaries’ eight seasons. She was a witch, a ghost, the Anchor to the Other Side, a Vampire Huntress, and a powerful psychic. During the Vampire Diaries series finale, aided by her ancestors, Bonnie saved Mystic Falls from hellfire.

Who is Alison Brie’s husband?

Dave Francom. 2017
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Are Stefan and Damon friends in real life?

Though it’s been four years since Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley last shared the screen as brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore on The CW drama The Vampire Diaries, the real-life best friends haven’t missed a beat while creating and developing their joint passion project: bourbon.

Who is Kat Graham best friend?

Nina Dobrev
Kat Graham may not have always seen eye to eye with all of her coworkers but she is best friends with The Vampire Diaries costar Nina Dobrev. The pair have some of the cutest social media posts together, including reactions to revealing episodes of their favorite shows like House of Cards.

What did Alison Brie do on Hannah Montana?

During an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Alison Brie shared a hilarious acting fail from her time on the hit show Hannah Montana. E! Online Video Player Advertisement: Your video will resume in . Everyone has to start somewhere, just ask Alison Brie.

What was the real name of Hannah Montana?

As her alter ego, Hannah Montana, she secretly lives a double life as a famous pop star. One of the concept names for her alter ego was Alexis Texas, but the writers learned there was an adult entertainer with the same name of Alexis Texas. Eventually the writers decided to use the real first name of the star, Miley Cyrus.

Who are the guest stars on Hannah Montana?

Alison Brie played a student at a Malibu beauty school, who convinced Jackson to let her experiment on his hair. Alison Brie on “Hannah Montana.” Rico secretly paid her to make Jackson bald. Vicki Lawrence had a recurring role as Mamaw Ruthie Stewart.

When did the TV show Hannah Montana end?

The sitcom centered on a teenager named Miley Stewart (played by Cyrus) who had a secret pop star alter ego named Hannah Montana. The series ended in 2011 after four seasons and included plenty of guest stars, especially actors who fans were familiar with from other Disney Channel movies and shows.