How often do CCT deploy?

4-6 months
What do deployments look like for CCT/STO? Deployments on average are 4-6 months; if you are a certified Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) you will be attached to an Army Special Forces, SEAL or MARSOC team coordinating with aircraft to drop munitions on enemy forces.

Where do CCT get stationed?

Once the CCTs have completed all the above courses, they get stationed at the various Special Tactics Squadrons around the world such as Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, Hurlburt Field, Florida, Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico, Pope Field, North Carolina, Kadena Air Base, Japan, RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom.

How do I become a CCT?


  1. Swim 25 meters underwater.
  2. Swim 500 meters (breaststroke, sidestroke and freestyle)
  3. Run 1.5 miles.
  4. Pull-ups in one minute.
  5. Sit-ups in two minutes.
  6. Push-ups in two minutes.

Does the Air Force have an elite unit?

Each branch of the U.S. Armed Forces has its own elite forces, including the Air Force’s Special Tactics teams. The pararescue specialists, combat controllers and special operations weathermen in these teams are some of the most highly trained service members in the force.

Do Air Force members go into combat?

We don’t have ground combat troops. The Air Force has its Security Forces, its special operations troops, combat arms instructors, and it even lends airmen of all careers to other branches. Airmen see combat all the time.

What is USAF command cap?

CAP-USAF, the liaison unit within the USAF, is part of the 1st Air Force within the Air Combat Command. CAP is not part of an Air Force command, per se.

What is the Air Force security forces center?

The Air Force Security Forces Center, located at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas, organizes, trains and equips Air Force security forces worldwide. The center develops force protection doctrine, programs and policies by planning and programming resources to execute the missions of nuclear and non-nuclear weapon system security,…

What is combat control in the Air Force?

Combat Controllers are special operations forces and certified FAA air traffic controllers whose mission is to deploy, undetected, into combat and hostile environments to establish assault zones or airfields, while simultaneously conducting air traffic control, fire support, command and control, direct action, counter-terrorism,…

What is cyber security in the Air Force?

Cyber Surety personnel are the IT specialists of the Air Force. They do all the things a civilian IT specialist does: monitor, evaluate, and maintain systems, policy, and procedures to protect clients, networks, data/voice systems, and databases from unauthorized activity.