How much is Innot Hot Springs?

The cost is $10pp for a day visit which gives you access to all the pools.

Can you swim at Innot Hot Springs?

Nestled in the Atherton Tablelands is the small village of Innot, between Ravenshoe and Mt Garnet, Queensland. Or you can walk right down to the creek and submerge yourself in the healing waters of Innot Hot Springs for free and be at one with nature.

Can you take dogs to Innot Hot Springs?

Dog friendly camping ground with access to toilets and drinking water. Suitable for both tents and caravans.

Is the road to Innot Hot Springs sealed?

Koombooloomba Dam. From Ravenshoe travel south on Tully Falls Road to Koombooloomba National Park and Conversation Park. This sealed and unsealed road travels through Tully Falls National Park before reaching the boundary of Koombooloomba National Park, 20km from Ravenshoe. The dam is not part of the national park.

Where are the hot springs in NSW?

Here are our top 5 picks for NSW hot springs.

  1. Yarrangobilly Caves Thermal Pool. After recently closing due to bushfire damage, the popular Yarrangobilly Caves Thermal Pool is open for business!
  2. Blue Mountains Sparadise, Japanese Bath House.
  3. Lightning Ridge Bore Baths.
  4. Burren Junction Bore Baths.

Is the road to Karumba sealed?

The Karumba Developmental Road is a sealed road in Queensland.

Is the Savannah Way suitable for caravans?

Is it possible to explore Savannah Way with caravan? Yes. There are camping sites along Savannah Way, such as Borroloola Caravan Park and Burketown Caravan Park located at the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Are there hot springs in the Blue Mountains?

A hot springs paradise is on offer at Blue Mountains Sparadise. The outdoor hot spring at the Japanese Garden and Bathhouse (as well as their indoor spa) is fed from the natural underground hot spring and is infused with a herbal mix for truly therapeutic steam, without diminishing the natural-ness of the experience.

Where are the hot springs in Innot QLD?

The town is well known for the hot waters of Nettle Creek, which has been aptly named Innot Hot Springs. You can stay in the Caravan Park next door to the creek or come in as a Day Guest, to make use of their hot pools, which are filled with the spring water.

How much does it cost to stay at Innot Hot Springs?

You can go camping at the Innot Hot Springs Caravan Park (Leisure Park) next door to the natural springs and enjoy their 6 heated pools containing hot spring water. Alternatively, you can use the Caravan Park pools for the day without camping there. The cost was $10 each for adults and $5.50 per child (at the time of writing).

Where are the hottest hot springs in Australia?

Another great natural thermal and mineral springs to visit while in Queensland, Australia is the Innot hot springs. As it runs along Nettle Creek, this is one of the hottest springs in the entire country with some sections getting as hot as 167 degrees.

How to get to Innot Hot Springs from Ravenshoe?

HOW TO GET THERE From Ravenshoe, on the Kennedy Highway (Hwy 1) drive 28km to Innot Springs; pass the  Hotel/Motel on your right, cross the bridge over the Creek and turn right into the driveway.  From Mount Garnet drive 16.3km and turn left into the driveway.