How many protected areas are there in Bangladesh?

45 protected areas
There are currently 45 protected areas in Bangladesh.

What are the names of the protected areas?

IUCN Protected Area Management Categories

  • Category Ia – Strict nature reserve.
  • Category Ib – Wilderness Area.
  • Category II – National park.
  • Category III – Natural monument or Feature.
  • Category IV – Habitat/Species Management Area.
  • Category V – Protected Landscape/Seascape.

What are protected areas examples?

Conservation areas

  • Annapurna Conservation Area – 7,629 km2 (2,946 sq mi)
  • Kanchenjunga Conservation Area – 2,035 km2 (786 sq mi)
  • Manaslu Conservation Area – 1,663 km2 (642 sq mi)
  • Blackbuck Conservation Area – 15.95 km2 (6.16 sq mi)
  • Api Nampa Conservation Area – 1,903 km2 (735 sq mi)

How many protected areas are there?

202,467 protected areas
According to scientists at IUCN and UN Environment’s World Conservation Monitoring Centre, there are 202,467 protected areas today, covering almost 20 million square kilometres or 14.7% of the world’s land, excluding Antarctica.

How many national parks are there in Bangladesh?

There are eight national parks in Bangladesh as well as seven wildlife sanctuaries, five conservation sites and one game reserve.

How many wildlife sanctuary are there in Bangladesh?


No. Name Location
1 Rema-Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary Chunarughat, Habiganj, Sylhet
2 Char Kukri-Mukri Wildlife Sanctuary Char Fasson, Bhola, Barisal
3 Sundarbans East Wildlife Sanctuary Bagerhat, Khulna
4 Sundarbans West Wildlife Sanctuary Satkhira, Khulna

Is Blue Hole a protected area?

This is a list of protected areas in Belize….Natural monuments.

Reserve Blue Hole
Size (acres) 1,020
Co-management Belize Audubon Society
Est. 1996

Why is it important to protect natural areas?

Protected areas help to mitigate extreme weather events, enhance carbon storage, and provide space for plants and animals to adapt to a changing climate. 4. To maintain functioning ecosystems and the benefits they provide. Protected areas provide clean air and water, healthy soils, wild foods and medicines.

How much of the earth is a protected area?

The report calculated that 16.64 percent of land ecosystems were currently protected, and that the true number was likely higher than 17 percent, as not all data is currently available.

Which is the world’s largest protected area in terms of biodiversity?

Marae Moana
Currently, Marae Moana is the largest protected area in the world with a total area larger than Mexico (1,964,375 km2).

What is the biggest national park in Bangladesh?

Bhawal National Park

Bhawal National Park
Location in Bangladesh
Location Gazipur, Dhaka Division of Bangladesh
Coordinates 24°5′45″N 90°24′14″ECoordinates: 24°5′45″N 90°24′14″E
Area 5022 hectares

What are the guidelines for protected area management?

View the publication: Guidelines for applying protected area management categories including IUCN WCPA best practice guidance on recognising protected areas and assigning management categories and governance types.

Which is the best definition of a protected area?

The categories are recognised by international bodies such as the United Nations and by many national governments as the global standard for defining and recording protected areas and as such are increasingly being incorporated into government legislation.

What is the IUCN category of protected area?

IUCN protected area management categories classify protected areas according to their management objectives.

Which is an example of a Category 3 protected area?

III Natural Monument or Feature: Category III protected areas are set aside to protect a specific natural monument, which can be a landform, sea mount, submarine cavern, geological feature such as a cave or even a living feature such as an ancient grove.