How do I make a bootable CD for Windows Vista?

How to Create a Windows Vista Startup Disk

  1. Download the Windows Vista startup disk . ISO file.
  2. Put a blank DVD in your computer’s DVD writer.
  3. Open your DVD burning program.
  4. Burn the .
  5. Label your Windows Vista startup disk with a pen or marker and keep it in a place where you won’t lose it.

How do I wipe Windows Vista?

How do I delete all files on Windows Vista?

  1. Choose Start→Computer.
  2. Click the Disk Cleanup button.
  3. Click Files from All Users on this Computer.
  4. Click the More Options tab.
  5. At the bottom, under System Restore and Shadow Copies, click the button marked Clean Up.
  6. Click Delete.
  7. Click Delete Files.

Where do I find the boot disk for Windows Vista?

You must verify what version of Windows Vista you have before you create the boot or startup disk. If you have any Service Packs installed, you need the recdisc.exe file from the System32 folder to be from a Windows Vista system without any Service Packs (SP) installed.

How do I create a bootable iso for Windows Vista?

You must download the .exe, the boot.wim and the install.wim in the same place. Run the .exe file and it will extract all the files into a folder called Vista. Windows installer will now start (cancel the installer). To create a bootable .iso extract the files to the Vista folder and download Imgburn.

How to create a bootable USB flash drive for Vista?

You can also create a bootable USB Flash drive (4GB or larger) to install Vista from. 14a. Download and run Universal USB Installer Easy as 1 2 3 ​ 14b. Select Vista from the first drop down list, all the way to the bottom​

Where can I download the Ultimate Boot CD?

Nowadays the use of a USB stick is popular; this application has a script that allows you to use your USB memory on the recent machines that can be booted via USB devices. Yes, this is a completely free download that can be attained from the Ultimate Boot CD Website.