Are there any Nintendo DS games on eBay?

There are eBay DS games for each version of the console that has been released. Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Nintendo.

What are the different types of Nintendo DS consoles?

Over its lifetime, the Nintendo DS has undergone a number of different changes. While there are a wide array of different colours and styles, the consoles themselves fall into four categories: Original Nintendo DS: Nintendo DS original consoles have a thicker body than their successors.

Where can I find rare Nintendo DS consoles?

Explore a magical array of rare and limited-release Nintendo DS consoles to make you the envy of your gaming friends. If you look hard enough, you might be able to find the Gold Rare IPS Hyrule Zelda Editions, the Samus Edition Nintendo 3DS XL or even the Nintendo DS XL Pokeball Edition Console.

What was the name of the first Nintendo DS?

Nintendo DS Sky Blue – Very Rare Variant! Original Nintendo DS “Phat” with stylus, Charger and 482 in 1 Game. With its dual-screen layout, touchscreen function, and wireless connectivity, the Nintendo DS was a groundbreaking portable game system.

What kind of cases do DS games come in?

Depending on the game being sold, it may come with the plastic case the game was originally sold in. Other may come in aftermarket plastic cases or none at all. The most in-demand DS games come with the plastic case and the original packaging the cartridge was sold in with its direction manual. Are there multicarts for sale?

Are there any Nintendo DS games still in demand?

Yes. Some of the most important games in the history of Nintendo were made for the DS family. These games are still in high demand. The following are some of the most sought-after DS games available for sale. The games are in demand either because they are simply fun to play or are considered collector’s items.

Are there any Nintendo DS XLs still in stock?

198 product ratings – Nintendo 2DS XL Handheld System – Black & Turquoise Bundle! Nintendo DS Lite Palkia Dialga Limited Edition AUTHENTIC Pokemon – WORKS! Only 1 left! Nintendo DS Lite Personal Trainer: Cooking Special Edition 4MB Green Handheld…