Why does time change in Belgium?

Introduced in the 1970s, Seasonal time change was aimed to limit the consumption of artificial lighting and thus achieving energy savings. If Belgium opts for summer, it will still have three more time changes, while if the country favours winter time, citizens will still have to adjust their watches two more times.

When did Belgium change time?

Daylight Saving Time in Other Years

Year DST Start (Clock Forward) DST End (Clock Backward)
2020 Sunday, March 29, 2:00 am Sunday, October 25, 3:00 am
2021 Sunday, March 28, 2:00 am Sunday, October 31, 3:00 am
2022 Sunday, March 27, 2:00 am (Preliminary date) Sunday, October 30, 3:00 am (Preliminary date)

What is the time now in Belgium?

Current Local Time in Locations in Belgium with Links for More Information (17 Locations)
Brussels * Thu 2:03 am
Charleroi * Thu 2:03 am
Dendermonde * Thu 2:03 am
Eupen * Thu 2:03 am

Which timezone is Belgium?

Central European Time
In Belgium the standard time is Central European Time (UTC+02:00). Belgium observes Summer Time (daylight saving time) from the last Sunday in March (02:00 CET) to the last Sunday in October (03:00 CEST).

How many time zones are in Belgium?

Time Zones in Belgium

Country: Belgium
Abbreviations: BE, BEL
Capital: Brussels
Time Zones: 1
Dial Code: +32

What’s the language in Belgium?

Belgium/Official languages

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, has two official languages: French and Dutch. Luxembourgish is spoken by around 0.5% of the population, but the language has no official status. About 10% of the Belgian population are non-native, and languages spoken include Italian, Spanish, Greek, Arabic and Turkish.

In which timezone is Belgium?