What is the texture of 4A hair?

Type 4A. People with hair type 4A have dense springy, S-patterned coils that are about the same circumference as a crochet needle. Look to Megan Thee Stallion’s texture here. If you’re a fan of wash-and-gos, styling should be done more frequently to keep this coily texture popping with soft, pliable strands.

What does 4A hair feel like?

Type 4A hair type has lots of tight coils and forms an “S” pattern when stretched. It has a clear, well-defined curl pattern, and it tends to look darker than it really is because it has a high density, which means that it’s usually very thick.

Is 4A hair kinky?

Type 4: Kinky Hair Typically, Type 4 hair is also extremely wiry and fragile. Type 4A hair is full of tight coils. It has an “S” pattern when stretched, much like Type 3 curly hair. Type 4B hair has a less defined pattern of curls and looks more like a “Z” as the hair bends with very sharp angles.

Does 4A hair have curls?

4a hair has a defined curl pattern almost like a “s” shape. Generally speaking it retains moisture fairly well, but as with most curly hair types can still be prone to dryness. In its raw state (no products added and freshly washed) it does not have a defined curl pattern.

What does 4A hair really look like?

4A hair has an ‘S’ shape and is tightly coiled. These cylindrical coils are quite defined and are the width of a pencil. They are also stretchy. 4A hair has a cork-screw texture that retains moisture well but is still prone to dryness. It is tighter than 3C hair though the two get mixed up more often than not.

Is 4B hair simply dry unmoisturized 4A hair?

The idea that a whole category describing a hair type could be considered dry sets the tone for some serious ignorance when it comes to natural hair knowledge. The notion that 4b hair is simply dry un-moisturized 4a hair has actually been mentioned and debated in various hair forums across the blogosphere.

What are the 4 types of hair?

According to this system there are four types of hair: straight, wavy, curly, kinky. Type 1 is straight hair, which reflects the most sheen and also the most resilient hair of all of the hair types. It is hard to damage and immensely difficult to curl this hair texture.

What’s my curl type?

Where to Start. “Your curl type is determined by the shape of the follicle that your hair grows out of from your scalp . The flatter or more oval shaped the follicle, the curlier your hair; while the more circular the cross-section, the straighter your hair. Your curl pattern is also identified by the shape that the strands of hair make,…