What is the safest trucking company to work for?

The following are well-known and rated trucker companies that offer some of the best incentives and opportunities for aspiring truck drivers.

  • United Parcel Service.
  • Sysco.
  • H.O.
  • FedEx.
  • Old Dominion Freight Line.
  • Walmart Trucking.
  • XPO Logistics.
  • Acme Truck Line.

How can I improve my truck driving safety?

Truck Driving Tips: 10 Ways to Keep You Safe on the Road

  1. Wear Your Seatbelt.
  2. Avoid Using Your Cell Phone While Driving.
  3. Be Aware of Speed Limits.
  4. Avoid Drugs and Alcohol.
  5. Plan Your Trip.
  6. Mind Your Truck’s Space Cushion.
  7. Slow Down for Turns/Curves.
  8. Maintain a Proper Stopping Distance.

What are the 3 major hazards workers face when working in the trucking industry?

What Events or Exposures Lead to Trucker Injuries?

  • Transportation Accidents. This is the most obvious one.
  • Ergonomic Injuries.
  • Field Repairs.
  • Falls.
  • Accident Hazards.
  • Physical Hazards.
  • Chemical Hazards.
  • Biological Hazards.

Are truck drivers safer drivers?

Studies have shown that professional drivers are safer drivers than nonprofessionals. Large trucks have an overall crash rate 29% lower than other vehicles, and the number of large truck-involved fatal crashes fell 32% from 1985 to 2015, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

What are the dangers of being a truck driver?

Here are the top 8 dangers of being a truck driver.

  • Driving tired or distracted.
  • Driving too fast for conditions.
  • Avoid unsafe areas at bad times and stay alert in truck yards and loading docks.
  • Always do a circle check.
  • Use the buddy system for some repairs.
  • Use caution on trailer decks and loads.

Does OSHA cover truck drivers?

While OSHA does not regulate self-employed truckers, it does regulate workplaces to which the truckers deliver goods and the workers which receive those goods.

What’s the most common safety tips for a truck driver?

Common judgement. The first tip is one that you already use and is known as good judgment. You can do this by staying aware of your surroundings and

  • Watch for high-traffic peaks.
  • Be more aware during night travel.
  • Stay in your lane.
  • Watch your speed.
  • Is trucking safe?

    Safety is and should be a top priority in the trucking industry in order to reduce the amount of serious and fatal accidents that occur each year. For agents, reminding transportation clients of the importance of following safety rules and offering comprehensive wholesale trucking insurance programs can go a long way in reducing their clients’ liabilities and improving their overall safety records.

    What is a safety truck?

    The Safety Truck consists of a wireless camera attached to the front of the truck, which is connected to a video wall made out of four exterior monitors located on the back of the truck. The monitors give drivers behind the truck a view of what is going on ahead, even in the dark of night.