What is the average elevation in the United States?

Elevation table

State federal district or territory Highest point Mean elevation
Alabama Cheaha Mountain 500 ft 150 m
Alaska Denali 1,900 ft 580 m
American Samoa Lata Mountain on Ta’ū island NA
Arizona Humphreys Peak 4,100 ft 1250 m

What is the current average sea level?

In 2019, global mean sea level was 3.4 inches (87.6 millimeters) above the 1993 average—the highest annual average in the satellite record (1993-present). From 2018 to 2019, global sea level rose 0.24 inches (6.1 millimeters).

How much of the United States is below sea level?

10) Salton Trough

Thirty-Three Countries with Land Areas Below Sea Level
Country Below Sea Level Location Elevation
United States Death Valley 86 meters below sea level
Eritrea near Kulul within the Denakil Depression 75 meters below sea level
Morocco Sebkha Tah 55 meters below sea level

What is the highest sea level in the US?

20,237 feet
In the most literal sense, the highest you can get in the United States is 20,237 feet above sea level, the peak of Alaska’s Denali and the high point in the state.

What US city is the highest above sea level?

Leadville is the highest elevated city in the United States of America, and the second highest community in Colorado.

How many feet above sea level is New Orleans?

Louisiana’s lowest point is its largest city, New Orleans which is at 8 feet beneath sea level. Louisiana has an average rise of 100 feet above sea level while its elevation below sea level is about 1 foot to 2 feet with some parts of the city Uptown being approximately 6 meters above the base of the river bank.

What is the sea level of Louisiana?

The alluvial region of Louisiana includes coastal marshland, beaches, and swamp lands. Louisiana elevation ranges from 10ft (3m) above sea levels along the coast to 60ft (18m) above sea level in the alluvial regions.

What is the sea level of California?

The Dead Sea lies 1371 feet below sea level. California’s Death Valley is 282 feet below sea level. A map of the polar ice caps, which can cause the sea level to rise if they melt. Mt. Everest is almost 30,000 feet above sea level.