What is FSW honors program?

Florida SouthWestern State College’s Honors Scholar Program offers students an enriched and challenging educational experience that extends learning beyond the classroom. We strive to cultivate academic excellence, skillful leadership, and commitment to social responsibility.

How do you get on the Dean’s List FSW?

Dean’s List. At the conclusion of the Fall and Spring semesters only, the Office of the Registrar will generate a list of students completing 12 or more credits that semester whose grade point average is 3.5 or above and who did not receive any grade below a “C”.

What is an honors scholar?

The Honors Scholar Program is designed to prepare students who intend to transfer and earn their baccalaureate degree. Upon completion of the program, students earn the recognition of ” Honors Scholars” and is noted on their official college transcript.

What is a passing grade at FSW?

To complete degree and certificate program requirements, students are required to achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of “C” (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) or better. When a student is no longer considered in Good Academic Standing, written notification will be sent to the student’s FSW email.

How do I withdraw from a class FSW?

To Drop a class, select 1) “Web Drop” from the drop-down list under the Action menu and then click 2) “submit” button. The status will change from Registered to Deleted.

Does Boulder have an honors college?

For starters, CU doesn’t have an honors college, but an honors program that offers many different ways for eligible students to craft their own honors experience.

What is UCLA tap?

UCLA Transfer Alliance Program (TAP) is a priority admission review program hosted by UCLA in consort with California Community College honors programs that complete a rigorous review process through the office of UCLA admissions.

What technology is required for an FSW online course?

Online Courses: Students must have regular access to a computer with a high-speed internet connection. Required materials may be purchased online through the bookstore. Many professors require at least one proctored exam.

How do I withdraw from FSW?

Course Withdrawal Policy Students may request a withdrawal for extenuating circumstances after the published deadline by submitting a “Late Withdrawal Form.” This request can be secured in Academic Advising, Registration, or online and be turned in at the Registrar’s Office.

What is considered full time at FSW?

12 credits
Definition of Full Time Full time is at least 12 credits per semester. Only 3 credits out of the 12 credits required can be taken online.